Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Postscript to the Previous

Seattle. Regarding Paternoccupy (I crib my own comment): Corporate had been war-gaming how and when best to punch the fucking hippies - they were hoping for an early bitter winter so that Occupy would disperse itself (and they could call Occupy pussies) - but hey, they really wanted to punch the fucking hippies, so why not last weekend when everyone (and by everyone, I mean the media) was distracted by the sensational and epic fall of a Conservative icon? Probably not the primary calculation, but I bet it was a calculation. As for Corporate's private military, click photo for better look at the smirks on these fuckers' faces:

Meanwhile, yay Baltimore! occupiers, who are, get this, called arrogant by the fucker Karl Rove. R, were you and/or A there?

UPDATE! More, plus three more vids of the below!


  1. As I said in a tweet last night, you'd think the son of Lee Atwater, queen of dirty tricks, wouldn't be so surprised when he is the goat. But I guess, like Newt and Cheney, he thinks he is the most clever. Boy was he pissy. Did my heart good.

  2. As Thunder would put it, "the schaden freudes itself."

  3. Ed Rogers: "I have worked with and for some of the great Republican leaders of our time, including, from 1987 to 1991, White House Chief of Staff John Sununu and President H. W. Bush's campaign manager, Lee Atwater."

  4. This is what happens when you don't get your ya-yas out shotgunning in Resident Evil, playing the drums or scoring Kamchatka in a game of Risk.

    And it took forever for that photo to load because of all the linky streamy here. You're much too popular, sir!