Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Honor a Going Thing, Goldfinch, Corporation, Tree, Morality

Internet Addiction Test. Not in real life, not in blog life, almost certainly in wage life I'll soon need twitter, venders I monitor now updating status via. I promise not to tweet in real life or blog life. I've still not bought a iPad or tablet or smart phone. I briefly thought about it last week when Planet and I went to a Verizon store to swap out her phone; we were hard-shopped the latest iPhone, and when Planet said can I have one and I said yes (while thinking, Would I like an iPhone?) the salesperson said no, not now, you can reserve one for a week from Saturday, so while fuck that, I got out without one but get only half-credit for willpower.


A.R. Ammons

Honor a going thing, goldfinch, corporation, tree,
          morality: any working order,
       animate or inanimate: it
has managed directed balance,
          the incoming and outgoing energies are working right,
       some energy left to the mechanism,
some ash, enough energy held
          to maintain the order in repair,
       assure further consumption of entropy,
expending energy to strengthen order:
          honor the persisting reactor,
       the container of change, the moderator: the yellow
bird flashes black wing-bars
          in the new-leaving wild cherry bushes by the bay,
       startles the hawk with beauty,
flitting to a branch where
          flash vanishes into stillness,
       hawk addled by the sudden loss of sight:
honor the chemistries, platelets, hemoglobin kinetics,
          the light-sensitive iris, the enzymic intricacies
       of control,
the gastric transformations, seed
          dissolved to acrid liquors, synthesized into
       chirp, vitreous humor, knowledge,
blood compulsion, instinct: honor the
          unique genes,
       molecules that reproduce themselves, divide into
sets, the nucleic grain transmitted
          in slow change through ages of rising and falling form,
       some cells set aside for the special work, mind
or perception rising into orders of courtship,
          territorial rights, mind rising
       from the physical chemistries
to guarantee that genes will be exchanged, male
          and female met, the satisfactions cloaking a deeper
       racial satisfaction:
heat kept by a feathered skin:
          the living alembic, body heat maintained (bunsen
       burner under the flask)
so the chemistries can proceed, reaction rates
          interdependent, self-adjusting, with optimum
       efficiency—the vessel firm, the flame
staying: isolated, contained reactions! the precise and
          necessary worked out of random, reproducible,
       the handiwork redeemed from chance, while the
goldfinch, unconscious of the billion operations
          that stay its form, flashes, chirping (not a
       great songster) in the bay cherry bushes wild of leaf. 


  1. Ilse will attest that I threatened at 9:46 PM last evening to start a Fire Dale Hunter Web site, though I didn't mean it.

    My memory of that same stop at Marypeake House is of you laughing at me for not gutting Tino with my Popeyes spork.

    For the record, I cheerfully concede that they should've kept Tino at a lower salary. Buh-bye the rest, though of course I'd replace Harkes on the wall with Burchie in a heartbeat.

    Robbie Russell...meh.

  2. When they start hawking tricorders, then I'll buy.

  3. Planting trees when they are dormant is a common practice. It buffers any transplant shock, and when the tree becomes active again in the spring, the root shoots help establish the tree faster.

  4. I saw the first 1 and 1/3 periods of the game last night (at the house I grew up in!).

    Even though we scored first, it was clear St. Louis had dominant puck control. Wasn't surprised to find that we'd lost when I got back home.

  5. I get to fuck with Hunter before you do. I've got the chops.

    Just sayin'

    (And you plant trees after the season before the ground freezes. They done it right.)

  6. Also. Hunter got extra points for his press conference. Said things like "People that work will play" "They don't got it down pat yet" and "forechecks gotta be better to be on top of their D." That about covers it.