Friday, December 16, 2011

All the Seats Were Occupied

Today's draw. You realize that whoever wins the Barcafuckers/Realfuckers match, whether in knockout or in finals, will win, yes? While I rarely root for Italian clubs - normally I'd root for anybody but motherfucking Madrid to beat any Italian club - imagine the existential aargh of the English football fan if Chelsea and Arsenal crash out in round of 16. Go Napoli, Milan.

Also, I just remembered I had promised a dear friend I'd post this sonata for Beethoven's birthday today, one, twothree, I can't hear the opening bars of the second movement without hearing Karl Haas say "Hello everyone." 

Also, one, two, three perspectives while they're fresh on Hitchens, who I read when he was crucifying Kissinger but not so much lately and whose death seems to signify to many some kind of watershed moment. Also, here's a friend's post from 2008 on Hitchens.

Also, heard this on Bryce's show today and had an excellent flashback:


  1. +1 for the Ludwig Uber Alles, +1 for crazy ass prog riffery, +100 pints if you can find a way to have both Spanish teams, and both English teams, exit before the final.


  2. Randal just wants to get back to his Capitain and Tennile videos.

  3. Hey, check your archives: who called Apoel to get thru' from the get-go, eh?

    Ludwig Van: it was gorgeosity and yummy yum yum. I was cured.

    I stopped reading Hitch when he came out pro Iraq invasion.