Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's an Inevitable Verbal Tic -- Wouldn't You Say? -- For a Super-Clean Country

Screams a headline in today's YFWP:

In race for campaign funds from billionaires, Romney outpaces Obama.


Linh Dinh

You (almost) never see it in public so
You have to conjure it up all day long,
Drag it into every conversation,
To flesh out the corporate picture.

It's an inevitable verbal tic -- wouldn't you say? --
For a super-clean country.

Holy shit, that shit's wack.
She thinks she's hot shit but she ain't dogshit.
There's nothing but shit on the internet.
Why are you so hung up on shit like that?
I got some good shit at home, some far-out shit.
You're so full of shit, you dumbshit motherfucker.


  1. It's actually a dead heat for which was stupider, the barnraising or the barnburning. Total Kabuki.

    Oh, and welcome to Twitter. Rube.

  2. I am now following you on Twitter. LOL. You should use Twitter. It's the quickest way to narrow your information-seeking needs.

  3. Nothing stupid about it, Landru. They got three hours of live coverage on CNN. Worth every minure.

  4. Whereas the cops got no benefit whatsoever from their...let's see, how did this go?...ah, yes: "civilized" handling of the situation?