Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How Bright Colors Dim in Artificial Light

  • I am not at Occupy Congress. This is the busiest time of year for me at work, and I had to choose between taking last Friday off to abandon my daughter at college in Ohio or taking today off to protest Corporate's assholosity, and my daughter won (and will win every time).
  • Wiki blackout. How do I "darken" my twooter feed?
  • SOPA stopped?
  • Brief respite on SOPA and Iran?
  • The location of culture, part two.
  • War is peace.
  • Motherfucking crackers. I have tried - am trying - to limit the number of these, but sometimes it needs to be said.
  • Sancta Santorum.
  • The straits of America.
  • The invisible Great Recession.
  • Bleggalgaze!
  • Serendipitously, just a day after I was thinking to myself that I'm getting bored with the green, a reader comments that the baby blue I use for quoted material is hard to see on his reader. My google reader makes every blog white even if it's another color in real life. Not that I can see the blog ever going white, but suggestions solicited for both background color and quoted material color.
  • How does the red look both here and on reader?
  • Once again, I must have been number four.
  • Science Monday! on Tuesday.
  • In love, his grammar grew.
  • Found the CD this morning looking for something else:


Dick Allen

What every painter knows, but most others forget
is how bright colors dim in artificial light

and lobster tastes most fresh
the closer to death
you set your teeth into the lobsters flesh.


  1. Not that you ever care about points of view from actual Web professionals, but the contrast of the red on the dark background isn't good--technically, it's a fail (a contrast ratio of 4.5 passes, and as best I can tell, the ratio here is 4.21; though I may be off on the red shading, my eyeball sense is that I'm giving you a bit of a break on the red shading and the actual contrast is worse than 4.21, but that could easily be an eyeball problem--the 4.21 is for straight red, #FF0000).

    By the way, I'll be delighted to have my crack (addicted) team of actual Web professionals review your site from usability and accessibility perspectives and smother you with criticism. Just say the word.


  2. First, what the hell has google done with comments? Changed the font (who cares) but took away the linkable time stamp, effers.

    Heh, when I ran the old site on some blog evaluater a couple of years ago it too told me my site sucked too. The dark makes the photos and youtubes look better to my eyes. As for font color, my limited knowledge of art tells me red is the complementary color to green. Shot in the dark.

  3. Red is notoriously horrid on a dark background. And there is that red/green color blind thing. Which means that they can't see the difference between red and green which is why you DON'T use it. Wretched is too kind.

  4. K. Never again. I never thought about that red/green colorblind thing I have to find the number in whenever I renew by drivers license.

    I could reinstate the blog I created when someone else complained about the colors but never read it (and doesn't read me anymore) that mirrored in content this shit but with white background with dark type. Or not. Enough people want, I'll do.

  5. Thanks for the consideration on the aesthetics of your blog. Personally, I've got no clue what would be a good compromise where the font color would be both good on a black and white background. But I'll take a stab and say somewhere between blue and purple.

  6. Also I wanted to share a beef between Brian Leiter, a law and philosophy professor at University of Chicago, and Will Wilkinson, a libertarian blogger, over Marxist politics.

    Here's first the interview of Professor Leiter by 3:am that Wilkinson pounces on: http://www.3ammagazine.com/3am/leiter-reports/

    Then here's Wilkinson's critical view on that interview:
    "The reason Leiter's proposal to "expropriate" or "seize" wealth on a monumental scale is not presently a hot debate topic is not that Charles and David Koch have somehow kept the subject off "Up with Chris Hayes." And it's not that the tender-headed liberal "moralists" have lulled the 99% into scrupling to loot Tim Tebow's bank account. The reason is that it is well understood by intelligent, well-informed people that Leiter's is a disastrously stupid idea inconsistent with the sort of social order that does meet human needs reliably and well."

    Then here's Leiter's takedown of Wilkinson:

  7. I keep on hoping for yellow text on a goldenrod background.