Thursday, January 12, 2012

It - Money - Makes Sense: You Need a Better Tractor, an Addition to the Gameroom, You Prefer to Buy Your Beancurd by the Barrel

I was scolded three times yesterday for again reiterating what a motherfucking authoritarian tool motherfucking Obama is, twice with a version of the refrain, o, I suppose you'd like Mitt Romney president with Republican majorities, and I love you all sincerely, but fuck that cheap slur. Saying Obama sucks isn't saying Romney doesn't (and there's no fucking chance in hell Mitt Romney is going to beat Obama, there is FAR LESS PROFIT FOR CORPORATE IF A REPUBLICAN WINS THE ELECTION, it would slow up the demolition charges Obama can plant that a Republican never could). Here's where we differ: I think the greatest significance of Obama's presidency is his gleeful expansion of executive power and violent endorsement of continued empire by any bloody means and his assault on the civil liberties of American citizens and you don't, and I haven't changed your mind yet and you haven't changed mine and we're not going to change each others no matter how often we have this motherfucking argument over the next ten shitty months of POTUS 12 and, Hey, did you know Washington DC has a professional soccer team?


Thomas Lux

You go to school to learn to
read and add, to someday
make some money. It - money - makes
sense: you need
a better tractor, an addition
to the gameroom, you prefer
to buy your beancurd by the barrel.
There's no other way to get the goods
you need. Besides, it keeps people busy
working - for it.
It's sensible and, therefore, you go
to school to learn (and the teacher,
having learned, gets paid to teach you) how
to get it. Fine. But:
you're taught away from poetry
or, say, dancing (That's nice, dear,
but there's no dough in it
). No poem
ever bought a hamburger, or not too many. It's true,
and so, every morning - it's still dark! -
you see them, the children, like angels
being marched off to execution,
or banks. Their bodies luminous
in headlights. Going to school.


  1. I hope you got a topping of "Ralph Nader! Ralph Nader!" to go along with your Mittens-loving, BDR.

    (I usually get some whenever I mention what a cynical, right-wing fraud Obama is.)

  2. As much as I loathe heat, I do miss the scent of that one summer when the library AC was fritzing daily, oh, mustie olde bookes to every compass point.

  3. There is a theology library in the bottom floor of my library full of 18th and 19th century books on Jesuits that has a distinctively and not unpleasant musty smell, as opposed to all the old Jesuits I work with whose musty smells are distinctly unpleasant.

  4. You seem too confident Mitt can't win. But Rove & Crossroads! So much money. So much money.

    Authoritarian? No more no less than the system allows/system can afford. I take some consolation in the end of Pynchon's Vineland when Brock is closing in on Frenesi and his funding runs out, leaving him dangling from his surveillance helicopter. Systems of control, that is to say, are costly. Too costly all things consdered. Look at N. Korea, USSR, e.g. The trick is to get us to control ourselves—speaking of Jesuits.

  5. I don't think Mittens can win, Jim.

    He's this cycle's John McCain. And even Mooselini is on his case.