Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Should We Bring It a Chair to Sit On and Offer It Meat?


Charles Wright

The generator hums like a distant ding an sich.
It's early evening, and time, like the dog it is,
                                                                   is hungry for food,
And will be fed, don't doubt it, with be fed, my small one.
The forest begins to gather its silences in.
The meadow regroups and hunkers down
                                                               for its cleft feet.

Something is wringing the rag of sunlight
                                                            inexorably out and hanging.
Something is making the reeds bend and cover their heads.
Something is licking the shadows up,
And stringing the blank spaces along, filling them in.
Something is inching its way into our hearts,
                         scratching its blue nails against the wall there.

Should we let it in?
                                    Should we greet it as it deserves,
Hands on our ears, mouth open?
Or should we bring it a chair to sit on and offer it meat?
Should we turn on the radio,
                                     should we clap our hands and dance
The Something Dance, the welcoming Something Dance?
                           I think we should, love, I think we should.


  1. And mess up well-coiffed with a tank helmet?

    When SOPA passes, these kids are in for a rude awakening when they realize the local grime-n-pop is now the only source for porn.

  2. I think you've got the FAIR link in for Sheth-Digby.


  3. Replies
    1. Sheth-Digby link is still mislinked.

  4. Thanks for the kind. It's been a while but that's on me. (Belated) Happy New Year!

  5. I must admit that I don't understand or appreciate the trash-taking on Digby. And I expect you don't think there's any sexism there but I'm not so sure.

    Just sayin'

  6. I'm sure there's some sexism somewhere, though I hope not from me - I could as easily say Kos liberals or Booman liberals or Balloon Juice liberals or any number of mainstream pwoggles who cut Obama slack where others don't on war, drones, blowing up Iranian scientists, etc, though I think Digby has more influence than any of them (possibly not as influential as Kos for all I know, though I haven't read Kos in five years) and is certainly the best writer of the bunch .

  7. I guess your failure to distinguish between Kos and Digby and Booman, etc. tells me enough. And the result is that I have no idea what you mean.