Sunday, February 12, 2012

In Aisle and Arch the Satin Secret Collects

Two hours Saturday, those boxes, that toy. Happiest cat I've ever. I've no idea why white-noise white-noised Stanley's purrs and trills the last 45 seconds, apologies.

Also too, the below is officially now this blog's Official Theme Song 5, I must have listened to it 25 times since I posted it and harder not faster, yo. I'm also petitioning the judge of my conscience to change the Shitty Desert Island Five game into the Shitty Desert Island Six game while I'm also petitioning the judge of my conscience throw out that motion, Yo La Tengo either becomes the fourth permanent member of the Shitty Desert Island Five or, if I want two rotation spots but want Yo La Tengo a permanent member kick out Kate Bush or Pere Ubu/David Thomas or Guided by Voices or shut the fuck up. I am also petitioning the judge of my conscience to ignore my obsessive/compulsive need to impose order and categories on the things that give me pleasure in response to my resentment at the imposition of order and categories on me by power that pisses me off. It's a feature of my training, not a bug.

[I rose from marsh mud]

Lorine Niedecker

I rose from marsh mud,
algae, equisetum, willows,
sweet green, noisy
birds and frogs

to see her wed in the rich
rich silence of the church,
the little white slave-girl
in her diamond fronds.

In aisle and arch
the satin secret collects.
United for life to serve
silver. Possessed.


  1. I would have to concur w/ putting YLT in my Desert Island Top Five (if, of course, I felt so self-constraining) if for nothing else than sheer diversity of output. But then again there's also too musicianship, songmanship, connoisseurship, impressarioship, aestheticismship. And, damn, they are good in concert; they really connect with their audience/cult-like following.

  2. Thanks for the Niedecker, Beckett and Beaver. Jim was absoultley correct about John Hurt. I saw him in this production in December and it was one of the greatest theater nights for me ever.