Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm Pillowed and Padded, Pale and Puffing

Any chance to play that I will, and my new policy of what the fuck, it's the weekend lends itself as well as the fact that Leslie Nielsen was born eighty-six years ago today, so. Yes, the fonts have changed, it was a total fuck-up, I was trying to do something else with the overnight header and fucked something up in blooger and couldn't find what I had, so 13-point Times New Roman from now until I fuck that up. This is of course an opening to further bleggalgazing, of which, lordy, I've satchels full, but instead, also too, the best joke ever:

[What Horror to Awake at Night]

Lorine Niedecker

What horror to awake at night
and in the dimness see the light.
               Time is white
               mosquitoes bite
I’ve spent my life on nothing.

The thought that stings. How are you, Nothing,
sitting around with Something’s wife.
               Buzz and burn
               is all I learn
I’ve spent my life on nothing.   

I’m pillowed and padded, pale and puffing
lifting household stuffing—
               carpets, dishes
               benches, fishes
I’ve spent my life on nothing.


  1. Also, thanks for the link to Occupy 2012. The language of the physician almost invariably presages splitting, and then co-option, as the "good protestors" re-identify with lawn order, in order to differentiate themselves from sickness, amorality, evil.

  2. Frothy surges to 15 point national lead!

    Good. I was getting tired of "It'll be your fault when we have President Rmoney, because you criticized President Drone Strike."

    Also. President Santorum. HAHAHAHA!

  3. John Hurt is one of the great actors of our age. I would go to a shit movie just to see his worn, world-weary face and to hear those patrician accents in his whiskeyed voice.

  4. Me fail poetry? That's unpossible.

    Occupy's tent here is still standing, but it's pretty damn blustery today. Microcosmic!

  5. Behaaaave yourself! Behaaaave yourself! I never raped nobody!

    I just can't stop watching.