Friday, February 17, 2012

Shred of Gale

What the hell was that, K asked me first thing at Thursday Night Pints re: whatever I was doing here yesterday. They've been told stories of King of Anarchist, I told them the latest, something shitty towards me, something obnoxious to a newby: nothing new, it's just that as POTUS 12 ramps up to unimaginable depths of tribal lunacy those of us screaming about tribal lunacy will be triply ignored so we'll scream at everyone else in our tribe triply viciously. That was yesterday's (meaning Tuesday's) piss-off, today's (meaning yesterday's) was I needed some lame what-the-fuck, make me giggle, alienate the readers by not only denying them their daily aggregator but by giffing them XYZ and music in a lame-ass full page stunt. The best way to quit POTUS 12 would be to quit blogging, said L. I know, I said. You'd read and write more if you quit, said D. I know, I said. Look at you smile, said K, you're proud of that page, there's no way in hell you'll quit. I know, I said.


Wislawa Szymborska
Translated by Clare Cavanagh and Stanislaw Baranczak

Everything -
a smug and bumptious word.
It should be written in quotes.
It pretends to miss nothing,
to gather, hold, contain, and have.
While all the while it's just
a shred of gale


  1. 2012: The Contraception Election™.

    Because President Obama has adopted every other GOP position.

    Eleventy Dimensional Chess!

  2. Gonna have nightmares about that gif, I just know it, all the library patrons replaced by an endless stream of dancing clown-things.

    ♪ Contraception Election
    What's your Reproduction? ♫
    Next post, how bills become laws.

  3. Shi'. That yootoob&gif combo was several kinds of awesome.

  4. Thanks for the Kind words.

    They'll be back whenever the blogres drive me to aargh again.

  5. ... at which point you rose and ordered ridiculously outrageous Scotch for the crew.

    An eye rhyme of blogs, no less.

    Yeah, and that gif of the goggled, leotarded hip-swaying in the laundry was several kinds of awesome.

    Serendipity: I almost posted 'Dipping' yesterday. Great tune.

  6. The reproduction politics serves as a timely distraction form the new banking regs, which as they are evolving are systematically crushing small banks in communities where said "crackers and christers" tend to live, like mine and the ones surrounding my new hometown. Rules created to safeguard us (ha-ha!) against the too-big-to-fails are forcing small community banks who are, in capitalistic terms, the lifeblood of their towns to ramp up their audit departments. They can't afford it, and they're going under. Wave a fetus at that!