Friday, March 9, 2012

But Us, Like Other Angry Whores, Discuss What Threats Were Made Before

Most regulars tolerate it, some genuinely like it besides the inside baseballers who, give or take depending on a topic or a tic, don't, I said about you and your reaction to the past few day's posts in general and the Philly trip posts in particular when asked about you and said posts by K last night at Thursday Night Pints. Did you hear about the new Right shitstorm, asked L, Obama hugged a black man 22 years ago, he's a Marxist! No! I said, I wasn't paying attention. D asked, Hey! doesn't your soccer team's season start this weekend? Yes! I said. D asked, are you gonna blog every game and between games like before? Yes! I said. Any other High Holiday's coming anytime soon, K asked. Yes! I said.

  • Cale is 70 today. High Holiday of Egoslavia. 
  • Song requests solicited. I'll add more songs through the day too.
  • Also, not that I need an excuse (I tell myself) but an excuse to not pay attention to the daily clusterfuck one more day. I expect all still sucks re: standard yodeling topics, yes?
  • I also told K that yes, the topical links draw readers, both those who use me as the aggregating blogwhore that I am but also googlers, but as I swim deeper into the what the fuck....
  • Topical links will return, perhaps by tomorrow, but I am enjoying not counting how many advertisers have abandoned Rush or how many liberal bloggers have called Rush fat.
  • Cale covers Escovedo.
  • Escovedo? More next day or two. Holyfuck.
  • Look Horizon.
  • Church of Anthrax.
  • King Harry.
  • UPDATE! Brian requests VU's Sister Ray.


  1. i dont know if this technically counts as a cale song, but sister ray, imo, is the best song ever. and the organ he plays on that ... amazing.

  2. They just don't make super secret gotcha video footage like they used to.

  3. John Cale-The Gift is pretty cool

  4. Also and too, Heartbreak hotel from the June 1, 1974 album