Sunday, April 1, 2012

229 to 62 to 514 to 226 to 3 to 250 to 39 to 62 to 36 to 308 to 229 to 62 to 586 to 146

Long five hour drive today, Ohio 229 to US 62 to Ohio 514 to Ohio 226 to Ohio 3 to US 250 to lunch in Wooster (we wanted to see College of Wooster for what the fuck - it's pretty) where we discovered a Hungarian pastry and coffee shop that served omelette rolls.

Mine was chicken and asparagus, Earthgirl's spinach and feta (Planet had an authentic Hungarian poppy and nut roll), freaking delicious, never had anything like it, we're going back. Then east US 250 through Mount Eaton, Wilmot, Strasburg to Dover then west Ohio 39 through the heart of Holmes County, a crass and vulgar Amish theme park mostly though, Millersburg, the county seat, home of

was pleasant, charming, normal, then US 62 again to US 36 to Ohio 308 back to Bamgier. Looks like a small circle on the map, felt more encompassing. Left Planet to do homework - we then took Ohio 308 to Ohio 229 to Union Church Road to US 62 to Ohio 586 to Ohio 146 to Zanesville; we're about to go out to dinner near the railroad bridge that Earthgirl painted that I've posted here before. Tomorrow we explore southeast Ohio below I-70. If I engage the standard clusterfuck tonight I'll post some links and photos in the morning; if I don't engage the standard clusterfuck tonight I'll just post some photos. I hope for the latter; knowing me I'd guess the former.