Saturday, April 7, 2012

As Absolutely Devoid of Meaning as a French Horn

So now the firestorm is what some fuck at National Review typed re: white parental advice to their children re: niggers, and jesus fucking christ this is gonna be the shittiest summer ever since the last until the next. I've thought about creating a gadget box to track the worst media or bleggal firestorm ever since the last until the next, and Hey! Did you know Washington DC has a professional soccer team?


Jack Spicer

"Indefiniteness is an element of the true music."
The grand concord of what
Does not stoop to definition. The seagull
Alone on the pier cawing its head off
Over no fish, no other seagull,
No ocean. As absolutely devoid of meaning
As a French horn.
It is not even an orchestra. Concord
Alone on a pier. The grand concord of what
Does not stoop to definition. No fish
No other seagull, no ocean—the true


  1. Oh man, thanks for the Bardo Pond--I haven't thought about them in years. I saw them open for Mogwai in 2001 in Philly. One of the best shows of my life. -A

  2. Usually I go about life without even thinking of meat. Then, I weaken when I'm hungry and it's quickly available. Sometimes a situation like yours arises to steer me back to abstinence after I'd slipped a couple of times and was on my way to making it a regular thing.

    So, this meat-eating vegetarian stopped himself already on the way for a currywurst yesterday simply by remembering a conversation from the night before. That's progress.