Friday, April 13, 2012

He Rushed to Check the Spot Where He Buried the Hamster in the Plastic Tub He Used as a Bed in Wantage

Yay, Hamster! Wouldn't want him to miss the Lampchop show Monday night. Also too, this advice from a British vet:

Hamsters can go into a hibernation state if temperatures drop below 50 degrees. You need to warm them up to bring them back to life.

But it can be hard to tell if a Hamster is dead or in hibernation without a stethoscope - their hearts are very tiny and the beat is very low.

If you have any doubts about whether your hamster is dead, take it to the vet. Sometimes you find that they wake up back up in the car on the way.

Also too, New Order's "Elegia," the full 18 minute version, is being rereleased, which, in conjunction with the above, earns this post a My Favorite Post Ever tag.


  1. *YAWN* Ah, I feel like a new rodent! Wait . . . your telling me the same ol' shit is going on even after I AM RISEN?! Fuck that . . . .

  2. Who's Lampchop?

    If the hamster nation can ever put aside their differences to fully embrace necromancy, humans are so fucked.

  3. Zombie Hamsters?

    Send the Pentagon another $3 Trillion!

  4. Guys you rock:)) laughed my stomack off!