Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Isn't This Itself Dreamed/Criticized By an Expert?

Here are two more of Planet's collages. Her assignment actually isn't the collages themselves but rather to take a composition designed initially as a collage and then draw it in oil and pastel. The one above is the one she's chosen as her final out of many. The two I posted yesterday? They were her two least favorites, I'm told they lacked unifying factors and weren't thematically coherent. Coherence? Dammit, I'm an English major, Jim, not an artist.

  • Had drinks w/B last night, and at his request won't discuss here what was discussed there beyond mentioning his impassioned defense of the -.06% less shitty was sincere and impressive. The point of difference, I said, to use my sillyass tug-of-war trope, is that you feel a need to tug against the  +.06% while I feel a need to tug against you for insisting that -.06% can be maintained as a constant moral standard no matter how much shittier the +.06% gets. And thus, at his request, does B disappear from this shitty blog forever. 
  • Silent majority millennials.
  • Murray's white plight.
  • Guts and Glory: the Ross Douthat Story.
  • Kicking Douthat.
  • Torturers "disgusted" at being labeled torturers.
  • I don't say motherfucking Leon Panetta enough.
  • Why we love sociopaths.
  • This article by the righteously angry but resolutely not apostate Garry Wills fascinates me micro and macro for reasons I wrote about more than this sentence then deleted all but this sentence and spared us all.
  • As I link this article to this post it's the lead story on YFWP website, presumably it could have been posted three weeks ago, three weeks from now, why is it published now, who benefits, it fascinates me micro and macro for reasons I wrote about more than this sentence then deleted all but this sentence and spared us all.
  • Who the hell uses sillyass Star Trek allusions:


Lyn Hejinian

Isn't sleep fitted to this world?
Aren't dreams a form of internal criticism?
Doesn't each dream catch a previous day of the world in an
      act of criticism?
Isn't this itself dreamed/criticized by an expert?


  1. First, link thanks, as always.

    Second, granted they've a game in hand, but Fucksea is currently 6th, and here they are. The only other team that I can remember who was that low in the table whilst making a final was Liverpool in 2005 (I think they were fifth). I really did expect that unexpected late second-half header from Puyol to make it in because why the hell not in such a fucking bizarre game yeesh.

    Third, as a lazy bastard, I'm tired of being labeled a lazy bastard.

  2. I still get a lot of milage out of the Captain Pinkdick photo, all thanks to you!