Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sometimes Dogs Eat Melon Rinds and Apple Leaves but Though I Know This There Has Never Until Now In the Dark Been an Occasion on Which I Could "Happen" to Say So Unless I Were Willing to Interject the Information into Conversation as a Non Sequitor and I'm Not Sure That Would Contribute Nothing to the General Good

  • Collages by Planet, two of at least six for her final project.
  • I wouldn't say yesterday was a one-off, though don't worry, it'll not be a habit, neither poetry here or elephant painting with the iPad.
  • That's all I got but links, songs, poem, and this, this shitty blog's monthly public service announcement: bunch of new sites on both Left and Right Because and in Feedless, please check them out. If you are Kinding me and me not you, please send me an email. As always, thanks for reading.


Lyn Hejinian

Sometimes dogs eat melon rinds and apple leaves but though I know this there has never until now in the dark been an occasion on which I could “happen” to say so unless I were willing to interject the information into conversation as a non sequitur and I’m not since that would contribute nothing to the general good. Talk among us, perhaps at L’s or K’s or perhaps here at home, no matter the degree of animation, no matter the force of our agreements or disagreements, is all intended for the general good. There was talk the other night about forests. B so strongly disagreed with A’s opinion that the adaptation of birds to blighted environments can be regarded as progress that I thought she was going to cry. Then M interjected that his friend T considered vinyl superior to CD’s, and R cracked, “Hurray for crackle.” That was an unpleasant moment, R’s tricks can sometimes be harmful, though I am never able to tell in retrospect whether R has been malicious or clumsy and I certainly never see things coming. Things in my particular experience don’t make ordinary approaches.


  1. Love the Planetary work.

    Quick follow-up question, tho': Why is there a Stalin banner on the Loud Side? And why feed that Russian Bear?

  2. i'll second luving the collages

  3. This is probably the most painful blog post title I've ever clicked on.


  4. While I never root *for* Chek$ki, Barca losing pleases me. Now if only the Hitlers can beat the Francos tomorrow, those summer austerity riots in Spain will really burn (especially if - Please, Almighty Lord Etcheverry, please! - Spain crashes out of Euro in group).