Friday, April 20, 2012

Not Only Will Things Go On But This Going On Will Repeat

Earthgirl and I went out to dinner two, three weeks ago with Earthgirl's cousin and her husband, I said at Thursday Night Pints. I then gave more background than is needed here, then said, I'd not met the husband: Earthgirl told me before the dinner he's a six-foot-seven practicing Buddhist from Seattle. I'm not sure what I expected but he seemed a decent, personable mid-50s upper middle-class white not-axe murderer. What did you expect, asked L. Not somebody who ate a sizzling pile of tandoori lamb and goat, I said. Did you talk politics, D asked. Earthgirl and Cousin kept bringing it up, I said, presumably because Cousin and Husband talk politics and Earthgirl and I talk politics so I think they schemed, Maybe we can get them to talk about politics since both are doing this dinner with you-owe-me-one reservations, but no, I didn't motherfucking Obama him, if that's what you're asking. K asked, so the husband, the six-foot-seven Buddhist, didn't want to talk about politics either? O, no, I said, he was cracker-this, cracker-that, Obama has to be reelected don't you agree as he shoveled lamb and goat into his mouth. Did you agree, asked K, or rather, how did you disagree? I asked him, I said, if he was a Seattle Sounders fan, and when he said no I talked obligingly about nothing.


Lyn Hejinian

      Now in bed suddenly I remember having rescued a spider from the
bathtub this morning. I imagined that I had established rapport with my
environment. I observed the spider eerily. I was in harmony with my life and
times. Not only will things go on but this going on will repeat.
      After all, I can vow kindness in relation to something I cannot know.
      The spider, when it appears within a "range of alternatives," will be
rescued - dished out of the nicked and polished porcelain tub and knocked
onto the shrubbery just outside the open window.
      Of course, it will not be the same spider each time but one in a
sequence of spiders.


  1. Thou art a tactician! My friend hasn't responded and I don't expect him to. After reading the 0bot script, they usually don't have much else to say. It is very difficult to defend the undefendable.

  2. If Obama isn't reelected, it'll be because his Second Coming of Reaganomics fizzled out too soon.

    Although I'm sure The Left ("Emoproggies" and "Firebaggers" in Opologist parlance) will get the blame, just as in 2010.

  3. Thanks for the lovely Lambchop.

    And if Obama isn't reelected (although who would willingly vote for the one stealing Rmoney?), it will probably be because his understanding of Reagan's greatness didn't embrace the real pain of those at the bottom sufficiently.

    It certainly will become much better advertised before November, don't you think?

  4. You like Bernhard? He's gotta be tough translation work. I've been trying to translate his two-and-a-half minute Büchner Prize acceptance speech for six years because I'm too ashamed to post what I've got so far.

  5. There's an election in November?

    Re: your Frid link. Either you're snarking that the Us of A is an old vampire, or it's the wrong link.

  6. Gah! Link fixed. Apologies.

    Davidly, I read something of Bernhard's X years ago an haven't gone back, but I've one good friend of this blog and other readers who do do Bernhard, so I aim news at them when I see it.