Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two Pickpockets Are Denying a Robust Policeman's Suggestion That They Are "Suspiciously Encumbered"

MOCO ex-pat and dearly beloved Paleo Jay Old Dirty Arra 101 Bama sent me an email this morning, he has a song, it's got a good beat and you can dance to it, though I've discovered many don't want to: Would you care to blog about dealing with 0bots who tear into you for being an asshole because you question the almighty Great Leader? Happened to me today and I was stunned. It was over the Potemkin Mortgage Fraud Investigation, calling me an asshole by pointing out that 0 was lying. They trotted out the usual crap about suppressing the base, etc. I thought Bush Dead-enders were bad...Tribalism is the way now. I responded : To be honest, I've been holding back because it pisses off actual flesh and blood friends. I mean, I motherfucking Obama all the time, but I'm holding back as your request demonstrates. But please, if it's in a comment thread of something PLEASE send it. PJODA101B responded: I'll just send you what he wrote. This guy is a high school friend, totally liberal until he became an 0bot:"I don't know why you, and some other liberals, are so outraged by Obama, as if he were immune to the forces that have molded all of our politics for the last 30 years or so. He doesn't lie any more than any other president that I can tell. ...In my view, Dems are slightly better than Republicans, just in their social values. But everybody could be much better. If you keep attacking Obama, his base won't turn out and Mitt will be our next president. Can you not get over your disappointment with the guy? It is unwarranted, and, no offense, childlike." I responded "0bot (not his real name), did you even read the article? If so, the outrage would be crystal clear. Childlike would be to answer STFU to someone who had their house stolen by a bank and now have no recourse. I thought lack of empathy was a Conservative feature, but pretty much everyone is a Conservative these days." PJODA101B then followed-up to me: I suppose the part that's hardest to digest is how supposedly educated people can sign on to this bullshit and think it is awesome. 0bama took what was left of the left and turned them into champions of Conservative values. Should I be impressed or saddened at how easy it was? Looks like a recipe for the next World Horror that people ask in following generations "How did they allow that to happen?" And now I've posted it as I promised. Too bad he doesn't have a shitty blog! Please come visit PJODA101B! And if we do go to Montreal this summer, we'll come visit you!

UPDATE! Thunder emails sending me here where he was set upon by angry obamapologists in comments - it's about halfway down the comment thread.


Lyn Hejinian

Perhaps my dear family can profit from my story
As it continues two pickpockets are denying a robust policeman's
        suggestion that they are "suspiciously encumbered"
If encumbered, they insist, they would resemble kids with a lot to say
They would resemble unwanted sympathy
They would not be like holes in a hallway


  1. Seems like every time I stop here, read, then vamoose, you then put up a new post. My timing is as bad as Barcelona's.

    Link thanks, and right now, some enterprising Cafe Presser is making flag shirts with drones instead of stars.

  2. Have you read Mason & Dixon? It's been languishing on a shelf here in my office for years. I'm considering finally reading it soon.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, but yes I've M&Ded twice already, and it's Hey Sailoring me now from my cubicle's bookshelf (it's been three years), though I keep telling it Vineland gets the next Pynchon rereading.

    I remember someone dropping *House of Leaves* on me ten years ago, it kaboomed me out of my circle. Not saying I want a book with cool tunnels necessarily, but I want to be wowwed unexpectedly.

  4. Here's a wow-er: The Horned Man by James Lasdun, a book to be read alongside Lolita, The Book of Evidence (Banville), The Collector (Fowles), The Diary of a Rapist (Connell), or even Crime and Punishment. Unreliable narrator-land. Inside a vile mind. Lasdun is a poet, btw.

    In another vein, if you've never read Light Years by James Salter, your reading life has a gaping gap in it.

    Just gave House of Leaves to Wesdom (16 yo). Can't wait to see how he takes it.

    Having a hard time getting this typed b/c Sasha keeps attacking my keyboard and my fingers and my computer wires.

  5. Here (shameless self-plug, but 100% relevant)

  6. Thanks! Good thing I work in a university library - the Lasdun is on my desk. Will look at after spending the weekend with the Hejinian. If nothing else, I've learned not to start another novel after finishing one without putting poetry in-between.

    I've read Salter and OK, I don't get the adulation but that's OK too. And I've tried Carey and tried Carey and tried Carey, including the above, and it just doesn't work for me. I've no idea why. I assume it's me.

    I spend my twenties with Connell and Fowles. On a lark, when I discovered my old massmarket Magus a few months ago I gave it a try but it's a young person's book, and I'm old.

  7. I vouch for the authenticity of BDR's bleggering. I sent him the email, although it doesn't seem to have generated any comments. I'm still waiting to hear back from the guy so I can probe him some more. Questions such as: where do you draw the line? Do you draw a line? Is it just the Big D on the jersey, as you don't seem to have any problem with what W did as long as 0 is doing it. Do you have any core beliefs? Etc?

  8. I also have a very wet dream of Romney running to the left of 0bama and cleaning his clock. Yes, I have a rich fantasy life.

  9. I have now read the Thunder dust-up over at Wonkette. Reminds me very much of altercations with Wingnuts with fewer profanities. To wit: if you don't understand why Dear Leader is Teh Awesome, you are a Troll. Present evidence why this isn't so and the fingers go in the ears and the Nyaa-nyaa-nyaas begin. Evidence for Teh Awesome? None given, it is an article of obvious that even to ask for it shows your ignunce and blasphemy. We have 2 sides in this country, both convinced that they are the forces of good and the other is evil incarnate. This does not bode well. My fascism is teh bestest ever, so suck it!

  10. Hey, I'm done with The Unconsoled, suggest a novel, something I've never read.

    BDR, Have you ever read Edmond Caldwell's Human Wishes/Enemy Combatant? If not you might give it a whirl.