Sunday, April 29, 2012

United 3, Houston 2

To be honest, it's been so long since I felt surges of optimism this intense towards United that I'm unsure how to proceed to Baal-taunt. Watching DeRossario round into form, Pontius develop into a forward as he learns on the job, DeLeon the most exciting rookie since? and Santos out-work and overpower defenders is exhilarating. Watching Dudar limp to the locker-room with a ripped hamstring and the ensuing defensive confusion, Kitchen pulled from midfield to right back, promptly giving ball away that led to Houston's second goal (and yes, Willis should have stopped it, and yes, that gives Hamid an entrance back, and yes, I've witnesses, I called - or at least Baal-taunted - Bruin's two goals), Russell looking lost in central defense, I think this three game road trip to San Jose, Toronto, Houston, could be long and pointless. What fun is Baal-taunting for four points out of the three?

  • Dudar's injury, while utterly, thoroughly predictable, as will the following one once he recovers from this one - he's 88 in soccer years -reminds me, Jakovic? White? Gah.
  • Cruz' poorest game. He should have been straight redded for a horribly reckless two-legged studs-up tackle from behind early (he was yellowed) and should have been given a second yellow for a deliberate handball five minutes later. He was constantly beat (Houston's first goal is on him) and constantly gave the ball away on offense. (In one of the Goff links below Cruz blames playing his former team, and STFU). He may have given Najar and chance back in.
  • Woolard is a minus defensive defender but a plus offensive defender (he gets beat, he has a great cross from the left).
  • The Balkans aren't seeing the field again unless (until) someone gets hurt. Let's hope Kasper Payne gets his passport to Austria revoked.
  • Here's the video:

Here's Goff once, twice, here's Fullback, here's Shatzer, here's United Mania, more later if and when, or not, here's a photo from 300 of the East Capitol Street bridge:


  1. I missed yesterday. You started a Tumblr account?

    Jesus H. Motherfucking Christ on a Wobbly Motherfucking Bent Crutch, you're bored. Why don't you go knock over a motherfucking bank or something?

  2. Heh, I missed all my old agitprop buds and they kept sending me come-hithers. Plus Planet's there. Plus I'm bored AND don't want to go to jail.

    But yes, I'm counting on you to help fill the motherfucking upcoming motherfucking-free motherfucking month of motherfucking May.

  3. Also, and I cannot stress this loudly enough: Bullshit. Woolard was not even a plus offensive defender for last night. Yes, he found a acorn. Woo-fucking-hoo. He also directly turned it over on throw-ins at least four times, and that's just the times I counted, and for every time he gets forward and has a productive touch, he gets torched four times on the back end. He is, on balance, a serious liability, and I'm really fucking sick of people defending him just because he's the guy that's there and they're feeling warm and fuzzy. When the fall comes, and it will come, Daniel Fucking Woolard will be at the center of it--as he has been every single fucking time the fall has come this season. He is an abject failure as a professional soccer player. While the front office appears to have fixed a number of personnel problems, and the coach appears to have partially fixed some tactical problems (except when he hasn't), and collectively those fixes have led to a measurable improvement, the failure to solve the left back problem is un-fucking-conscionable.

  4. But what do you really think, Landru?