Monday, April 23, 2012

United 4, Metros 1

While celebrating Pontius' hat-trick please remember Metros were missing two starting defenders, its starting defensive-mid, and its left-back was starting his first game, then say so-the-fuck-what, enjoy! Primal screams, yo! Pontius punking Henry off the ball, racing towards goal as Henry falls - Oh! I've been wounded! - dramatically to ground clutching his face, a sequence I'll always cherish. Is Pontius the answer at second forward? I'm not sure - there were moments in the box where his inexperience with his back to the goal snuffed out opportunities - but he'll surely get another chance this coming Saturday v Houston.

Busy, some quick points:

  • Dudar makes a huge difference on defense. Calm, organized, good in the air. Makes everyone on the backline better. The anti-Jakovic.
  • And Dudar makes Kitchen better, allows Kitchen to play ten yards farther forward. Very good game from Kitchen.
  • NoDax still suxxxxx.
  • OK, I'm sold on Maicon Santos. Watch the second goal - Pontius scored, but it was Maicon Santos who earned it.
  • DeRossario's best match; he's finally looking fit.
  • OK, I'm sold on Cruz. His work rate is phenomenal and contagious.
  • As is DeLeon's.
  • SeatSix is a wuss.
  • Willis positions himself well in the run of play but still looks lost on set pieces. It's his job until he brain farts a couple of soft goals, but with Houston next - who always devastate United with crosses in play and set pieces - brain farts may be arriving soon.
  • Here, watch:

Here's Goff, Fullback, Shatzer, Floyd. More later, including photos from the stadium, or not.


  1. SU-PER BOWL! SU-PER BOWL! Oops, wrong football. If my other adopted team, i.e. whoever is playing Chelsea, comes through, this will quickly become a mediocre week.

  2. Caps Report: The Caps came out slow and shaky, and were it not for some big saves by Holtby, would have been down by more than one after the first seven minutes. After that, they became more aggressive, and another great game in this series ensued.

    Unfortunately, overtime looked like a reprise of the first seven minutes. The Caps were overly anxious to get the puck off their sticks, and thus made too many shaky passes that were either not handled cleanly or intercepted by the Bruins. Series is 3-3 and headed back to Boston.

  3. What, no Shakespeare Birthday thang? Are you an Oxfordian? No worries, at least you got to primal scream over the weekend. Loved the Gluck yesterday.

  4. Wait. So the fightin' V-dubs manage a tie against an expansion Canuckian squad then kick the Red Butts's ass? I'm confused. When just last week, an outmatched and outgunned Chelsea outscores a Barca side that's supposedly the Champions of the WORLD? Soccer makes no sense. The world's gone mad. I'm drowning. Help.

    Turned on the game after Wesdom's Ultimate Disc tourney this weekend—7 games in 2 days against 4 of the U.S.'s top ten juniors teams. Couldn't believe my eyen. Where, from the camera's angle, is the LOUD side? Hidden beneath or across the way on the mid-line? Do you have banners or cute scarves or something identifiable so we viewers can find your asses (or even your faces) on our HD sets?

    @Hamster: Don't forget, it's Nabokov's b'day too! Besides, give the guy a break. He's got to find some way to pity wallow his way out of his guilty giddy.

  5. GO BRUINS!!!!

    That was for Landru.

  6. Jim H: The camera faces Loud Side. Himself was easy to spot, but I knew where to look--he was standing next to my empty seats.

    fish: ...y'know, unlike others, I don't blame you for the collapse of the Berlin Wall, or the Titanic, or Gallipoli, or the Rape of the Sabine Women, or any of the other awful stuff that's happened during your lifetime. Why you gotta be hatin'?

    thunder: Give credit where it's due, please. The winning goal came off of a turnover by Backstrom. Followed by his failure to recognize that he'd fucked up, leaving Tyler Seguin, who's probably no worse than the 10th or 11th most reprehensible cocksucker on the Bruins, a clear path to the goal.