Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Venial Sin: Being Exceptional

Shot minutes ago, sums up American exceptionalism yes? Also too, also too, also too, also too. And here, something fun because I love you. I'm off to here, soon:


Ange Mlinko

Where the curve of the road rhymes with the reservoir's
and cleared of the leafy veils that for six months
obscured it,
the landscape's wet chestnut
in the gray descended cloud
intones You're lucky to live in a watershed
so no vast tracts of tacky drywall
turn the land into peremptory enclosures.
You've bought in.
The venial sin:
being exceptional.
Reading Hölderlin.
And the natural hallucinogen of joy
leaving wordy outputs
hanging on piney tenterhooks
while all the wild protected liminal woods
contrive a blind.

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