Tuesday, May 15, 2012

14th Byrne 15th Eno 16th Fripp


  1. The really funny thing about these posts, beloved, is that I have never, in 40 motherfucking years, seen you air guitar. Ever. Not once.

    Admit it, bitch. You never ate dog, Blondie was a composite, Earthgirl really was a rifle-toting revolutionary with an Afro, and Planet goes to Bloomsburg State.

    (Kidding, Planet, love you. Hey! Idea! Go out with your old dad tomorrow night!)

  2. I have to hate you to sing for you. It's literally why tomorrow night I will stand next to you and pace and scream and curse but not sing. The two people who have heard me air-guitar in the car and have screamed for me to shut up can vouch. Speaking of which, sssh about Earthgirl.

  3. Bring back Noxema bottle blue!!!

    Oh, and Go you VW Uniteds!