Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Still Spill My Margins, My Line-Spacing, and Summon Crisis

At 2:58 PM EST yesterday afternoon Meredith Monk, with no prompting (I hadn't just heard a song on WFMU, wasn't thumbing through a stack of my CDs), started singing in my head. Besides this being a good thing, no one has submitted a playlist for today. In fact, consider this the last time I mention it - you are always welcome and encouraged to submit playlists, especially for weekend days in the Blog Days of Summer, but I'm not gonna badger you about it, though there will be a Wire cascade next non-United, non-birthday post unless I get one. It may be awhile; the greatest worst thunderstorm I've ever witnessed - and I'm going to be 53 in two months - roared through 1030 last night, fabulous to watch, horrible in after effect, so no electricity at home up to a week, possibly more if a repeat performance happens tonight as predicted. If you too experienced the storm, you're probably not reading this the same day that I typed it. I like dramatic weather events much more when they happen to other people. Fine metaphors abound.

  • Greenwald poses a thought experiment. I've always thought I'm more likely to be killed by a domestic terrorist act as a foreign (which is to say I'm more likely to be struck by lightning than either). I don't doubt that the same invasions of privacy and suspensions of civil liberties that I'm always barking about and that I railed against during Occupy - remember Occupy? -  are being used to keep me "safe" from this guy in Mississippi, which doesn't mean that guy in Mississippi didn't piss himself in glee at footage of Oakland cops busting Occupiers' heads.
  • The after-image of the surveillance state.
  • Raw hubris is still the rule.
  • Has any cracker blogged or tweeted yet the storm was Old Bearded White Guy w/Beard God's revenge for John Robert's treason?
  • Southern values revived.
  • Hey, did you know Washington DC has a professional soccer team? It's true, and the home game scheduled for tonight is still on and yay, I plan on being there though there are suddenly obstacles in the way.
  • Branko!
  • Four lists of words.

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  1. That was one mighty fist of fury. And then there was the storm. 20/27 points at home, much improved from last year. You guys just might make the Everybody Wins tournament.

    Good luck with your Tesla coils.