Sunday, July 1, 2012

United 3, Montreal 0

Couldn't make it, I feel horrible, but was on call because of the storm on four different fronts, couldn't see it because motherfucking Comcast blacks out Direct Kick in DC. Forgive me. Now there's not another home game until July 28, and that just a friendly, not another home league game until August 4th, weird-ass schedule this year. Here's Fullback, here's Goff, here's Webb, here's Shatzer.  Goddamn it, I feel I betrayed a faith.


  1. You need to make friends with local sports bars. There are plenty of them.

  2. Yah, the thought occurred, but one of the four on call called. I had a pc, but no direct kick.

  3. To share the confession you already know, I sat on my ass in a nicely air-conditioned Linthicum hotel letting Ilse watch the play-by-play on the Web, because the hotel's TV channel labelled "Comcast Sportsnet" was actually MASN.

    Also: Benny forgives those without power. As long as they're not on the back line.