Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So Is Your Judgment Shown Presumptuous, False, Quite Vain, Merely Your Own Sadness for Failed Ambition Set Outside, Made a Philosophy of, Prinked, Beautified in Noble Dress and into the World Sent Out to Run with the Ill It Most Pretends to Rout

Psychedelic Furs Dumb Waiters by Celtiemama

Hey! Did you know Washington DC has a professional soccer team? It's true! and they play a US Cup 4th round game in Germantown tonight against the Chester Nowaks and here's what St Benny of Olsen says:

Both teams will play as good of a lineup as they think they have. That’s exciting. It’s exciting for the people who come out and watch in Germantown, where they are right on top of you.

Also too, from the same Goff article:

United finished training Monday by practicing penalty kicks (they struck a few crossbars/posts) -- the deciding factor if the clubs are level through 120 minutes. “Hopefully it doesn’t come down to that, hopefully we can do the job before that, but we’re capable,” Olsen said. Last year, in an Open Cup qualifier against the Union at SoccerPlex, Hamid made a critical save during the 4-2 shootout victory.

Planet's coming (so that guarantees 120 minutes then PKs), square pizza at this guy's house first, SeatSix will meet us at SoccerPlex, so woot, plus simply the best soccer experience, year after year, I've ever.

Also too, why would Your Fucking Washington Post use that photo for a story about the growing potential I might need to actually Fuck-Me-Jig? When you read the story, do you have any doubt that if I do Fuck-Me-Jig it will be in front of my seat in an end zone? 

Also too, Richard Butler is fifty-six today:

Psychedelic Furs - Run and Run by fery1

Yes, blegweary. Hear how I bitch about the death of LOUD SIDE! before the birth of LOUD SIDE!s demise? I stand by my statement that Friday's jobs statement jarred the needle out of soundtrack into predictable grooves, no more so than here of course. I know a joint where folks in comments are measuring their dicksizes on their competing theories on evolution and education against a sardonic poetic trope, another where folks in comments are measuring their dicksizes on their competing theories of motherfucking objects, Badiou if you do. Standard acknowledgments of my full and contributive complicity apply, see another Furs song for details.

Psychedelic Furs All That Money Wants by Celtiemama


Stevie Smith

Do not despair of man, and do not scold him,
Who are you that you should so lightly hold him?
Are you not also a man, and in your heart
Are there not warlike thoughts and fear and smart?
Are you not also afraid and in fear cruel,
Do you not think of yourself as usual,
Faint for ambition, desire to be loved,
Prick at a virtuous thought by beauty moved?
You love your wife, you hold your children dear,
Then say not that Man is vile, but say they are.
But they are not. So is your judgement shown
Presumptuous, false, quite vain, merely your own
Sadness for failed ambition set outside,
Made a philosophy of, prinked, beautified
In noble dress and into the world sent out
To run with the ill it most pretends to rout.
Oh know your own heart, that heart's not wholly evil,
And from the particular judge the general,
If judge you must, but with compassion see life,
Or else, of yourself despairing, flee strife.


  1. I can't even get fuckers to measure dicksizes in comments on actually important stuff, such as the evolution of their metal cred.

    Russia, lucky bastards, they've got the giant hole at Mir to toss ne'er-do-wells in. All we've got are jails.