Friday, June 1, 2012

The Spurious Pours Forth as Fish and Circuses

I would have thought, said L at Thursday Night Pints, that the Kids in the Hall Fine Ham Abounds would be the most posted video at BLCKDGRD, responding to my claim yesterday that The Guy Under the Seats, Episode 9, Roosevelt: A One-Man Show is the most posted. I said, I'm sure the KITH is the most linked to, though I very infrequently post it. I was then asked multiple questions about the blooger, why this, where that, what next, and I wallowed in the bleggalgazing, thanks all! we'll see where it ends, but yes, thanks for the Kind. Did you see Thiessen's column, asked D as I sat down after buying a round, his laughing at liberal hypocrisy over Obama's war crimes? D, said K, you buy rounds the next two nights, we'd dared each other walking in, whoever first brought up motherfucking Obama bought rounds the next two Thursday Night Pints. Most profitable half hour of bleggalgazing, on multiple levels, ever.


Rae Armantrout


Tense and tenuous
grow from the same root

as does tender
in its several guises:

the sour grass flower;
the yellow moth.


I would not confuse
the bogus
with the spurious.

The bogus
is a sore thumb

while the spurious
pours forth

as fish and circuses.

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