Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fresh Name, Doner Game, Fair Meat, All the Same

More fever songs cause kaboom continues. It's not a coincidence all have been at least one month's Theme Song, the above at least four times. I usually know grippes are coming two days ahead. My body twinks that oh-fuck, I think, fuck, I haven't had a cold since when, two days later day one. This one, WHAM! in half-an-hour, no warning. Weird bout, good thing I'm not writing about it. I was talking with Mr Alarum Tuesday morning (I think I've landed another Harington fan) about POTUS 12 and Occupy (as in, where is it? rhetorically asking, wonder if the police kettlings and beatings achieved their strategic aim, plus how peaceful and thankfully chalk-free, if heavily policed, Charlotte will be this August), and duhdumpduhdump, I go completely blank on what I was going to say after I said I go back everyday to four years ago on this blog and read what I wrote then. I used to think it enough to support Obama because he'd drive the American Right nuts, I bet pints on his reelection based on his driving the Right scary crazy, and..... huh, fever wee-wooing and a behind the right eyeball super-sneeze catastrophically building....

Well, you follow. Anyway, if I'm upright I'm busy next two nights, I might tell you about them, if I'm prone I'm busy the next two nights asleep. I'm out until I'm back, though I'd urge you to check the Because Left, Right, there are new additions plus blogfriends who've been dormant stirring. Dance, please.


  1. You've been getting sick a lot. I think you should eat more bacon. It's therapeutic.

    Feel better.

  2. Twice a year. This time, a set of twins at Earthgirl's camp doubly sprayed her with mucus sneezes week ago Monday, she started Saturday, I followed Monday, Planet followed last night.

    I've cracked open my sternum and applied soft tofu directly to the bronchi. Let you know how it works.

  3. I've eaten bacon on several occasions this year.

    And haven't been sick, so there you go.

  4. See? Q. E. Motherfucking D. Thunder does the science so we don't have to.