Sunday, July 8, 2012

Understand, It Was the First Thing I Saw, That Was Fate, It Was the Ballistics!

I woke up like I always do with a Pere Ubu song in my head, the one immediately below. Wasn't going to post today, but saw Carl at Impostume posted the above, so (it is good to reengage the what the fuck) Sunday music.

HEY! Some computer advice. My home desktop hangs on youtubes and when I try to shut it down I get a can't shut down because there's a programs still running, and that won't shut down so I have to force shutdown to turn the thing off. Happens with both Firefux and Chrime. When I turn it back on I get a message:


Um, what? How fix?

Als0 to0, this guy sent me a link to a comic book of Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs (which reminds me, there will be a Magnetic Fields off the latest album added to the traditional July 13 post):

Als0 to0, another bud send me babies that look like Mark E Smith; The Fall cascade is still planned, sooner rather than later, tomorrow even maybe, but only if and after the traditional July 9 post:


  1. What do you do to "force shutdown?"

    1. I think he's turning the power off.

      Could be a rootkit problem...

    2. I'm prompted if I want to force shutdown and then asked/warned I'll lose data, go ahead, and then nothing.

      My laptop does this too, though not as often - though it tells me something called explorer.exe is running, whatever the fuck that is. Noticed both started acting strange after the last Firefox and, especially, Flash/Acrobat updates.

  2. Suppose you do nothing when asked ... what happens if you just wait? Or say no?

  3. Those pictures of Sarah capture her perfrctly. That is the girl I know. I remember hearing stories about when she was the Loved One coming in on weekend mornings during book-reading time to say Hi and get some attention. She was alwsys quite sweet to me, even when the newbies made her cranky. A lovely lass. I am sorry for your loss.