Saturday, August 4, 2012

Currents Worry Themselves Coiled

  • Woke up with that in my head. So, string quartets today.
  • My apologies, I by no means meant to suggest that I would, or you should, regardless even if you think it the yummiest sandwich ever, eat at Chik-Fil-A and give the motherfucking christercrackerpig (and by no means did I mean to suggest the motherfucking christercrackerpig isn't a motherfucking christercrackerpig) money to motherfucking christercrackerpig front groups. What I was suggesting: I mentioned Uncle, my favorite person at hilltop, a conservative economist and an academic department Cold War vet, and when he gives me shit it's about a Rahm Emanuel not only censoring speech but suggesting legislating against speech Rahm Emanuel doesn't like. I know visa versa. So here's my problem: playing the visa versa.
  • Now, whether or not local governments can deny licenses to Chik-fil-A based on their business practices (as opposed to thought crimes) is another and far more complicated issue.
  • Why is McDonalds in my twitter timeline promoting its crap as Food of Olympians? Rhetorical question, that.
  • But don't forget: on America's descent to Britaingreeceserbia, on the matter of your future catfood allowance measured against the Empire's estimate of your minimal caloric sustenance needs versus your usefulness to the Empire, our Overlords, regardless of which tribe they play for, are in complete agreement.
  • Alternatives don't exist.
  • Obama the pioneer.
  • Police state.
  • Landru and Ilse. after their visits to each other's in-laws stopped in Asheville, visited the Biltmore, the Vanderbilts' monument to themselves. Earthgirl, Planet and I visited seven years ago (I had just bought my Matrix, it's a 2005) on our way home from the Smokies, we, like hundreds of thousands of peasants, paid money to see a robber baron's family honor the legacy of their family's robber baroncy. Capitalism, bitches.
  • Figures with meat.
  • Another book from his generation's greatest academic fraud - I say that admiringly.
  • Grammar of the real.
  • So, the aargh: it's eased in four of five places, in the fifth it hasn't so much eased as been resigned: I won't go into details here (though up the road, who knows), but my MiL received her death sentence, three to six months. Both a good and sad thing. She and I reached an armistice a decade ago. We like and respect each other begrudgingly. Gonna be tough on Earthgirl. 
  • I've always wanted to suspend my native English fluency for five minutes to hear what English sounds like to a non-English speaker.
  • I didn't listen to Payne and Olsen on Kojoshow, because what the fuck else is Payne going to say.
  • Home game tonight. I'd like multiple primal screams at multiple beautiful goals, please. 
  • Why cats are better than people. When I said it was both a good and sad think, I was of course thinking about my MiL when we needed to euthanize Sarah. What is quality of life worth?
  • The painter dreaming in the scholar's house.
  • I'd forgot about This Heat.


A.R. Ammons

This is just a place:
we go around, distanced,
yearly in a star’s

atmosphere, turning
daily into and out of
direct light and

slanting through the
quadrant seasons: deep
space begins at our

heels, nearly rousing
us loose: we look up
or out so high, sight’s

silk almost draws us away:
this is just a place:
currents worry themselves

coiled and free in airs
and oceans: water picks
up mineral shadow and

plasm into billions of
designs, frames: trees,
grains, bacteria: but

is love a reality we
made here ourselves—
and grief—did we design

that—or do these,
like currents, whine
in and out among us merely

as we arrive and go:
this is just a place:
the reality we agree with,

that agrees with us,
outbounding this, arrives
to touch, joining with

us from far away:
our home which defines
us is elsewhere but not

so far away we have
forgotten it:
this is just a place.


  1. Thanks for the linkage. Deep frying battered meat will someday be an Olympic sport.

  2. Why do you believe Žižek is an academic fraud? I'm not going to argue with you, I'm just curious because many people have called Žižek many things including a pseudo-intellectual but nothing that goes deeper than the name-calling. Am I missing something?

  3. We're ALL academic frauds. Or at least I am. He's better at it than me at least.

  4. for the record, again, what you meant, and have long meant, was very clear