Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Keep a Dog and Bark Myself


Theodore Roethke


When true love broke my heart in half,
I took the whiskey from the shelf,
And told my neighbors when to laugh
I keep a dog, and bark myself.


Ghost cries out to ghost–
But whose afraid of that?
I feel those shadows most
That start from my own feet.


  1. You're repeating yourself (Citizen Kane etc.)

    Also. Bwahahaha! You both played in a band named after a brand of condoms? Why oh why didn't I know this before?

  2. Heh, I just noticed the double and removed it. I'd forgot to when I remembered the KITH skit.

    It would be more accurate to say we both *partied* in a band named after a brand of condoms.

  3. Columbus and suburbs tips the vote?

    Is this a prediction for 2012, or a historical observation?

    OH-15, which is "my" district, elected Boehner protege and bankster lobbyist Steve Stivers in 2010, over a very decent first-term Dem, Mary Jo Kilroy.

    That's what happens when your Democratic president is a gooper in disguise.

    P.S. The Columbus suburbs are full of comfortable goopers.

  4. Obama could personally disembowel brown people while screaming Die! Otherfuckingmay Uslimay! on national TV on an hourly basis and goopers would call him a socialist traitor.

  5. Why would Akin quit? This is a man who once had his own spinoff.

    I assume your assumption is correct but if pays more attention to this crap than I because he's got issues.

  6. Hey, I left you a present at your place. Is that a Peter Frampton reference in my store?

  7. Columbus Dems seem to run as Repubs locally from what I see, the Cleveland metro's pretty Democrat to a fault and sometimes I forget that the rest of Ohiostan exists and that the Republican voters there are not like the ones I grew up with.

    Speaking of which, WTF Dreher? I know being Eastern Orthodox is esoteric and trendy over here, but over there it's a kinder gentler machine gun hand of the state and occasionally a toxic nationalistic thing and therefore the point of the ladies in balaclavas is missed completely. and this is from someone who ideologically swings more his way than others!).

  8. Some of us took our music seriously, unlike the reedlickers on the other side of the formation.

    Remember this when a Democratic candidate says something mindbogglingly stupid, patently untrue, aggressively antiscience, and patently and undeniably misogynistic, as a window into the fundamental dishonesty of his position on a critical issue, and Biden calls him/her urging quit.

    Fixed that for you. It needed it. Badly.