Sunday, August 19, 2012

Maps Trace Out No Alibis


Philip Appleman

After the steaming bodies swept
through the hungry streets of swollen cities;
after the vast pink spawning of family
poisoned the rivers and ravaged the prairies;
after the gamble of latex and
diaphragms and pills;
I invoked the white robes, gleaming blades
ready for blood, and, feeling the scourge
of Increase and Multiply, made
affirmation: Yes, deliver us from
And after the precision of scalpels,
I woke to a landscape of sunshine where
the catbird mates for life and
maps trace out no alibis—stepped
into a morning of naked truth,
where acts mean what they really are:
the purity of loving
for the sake of love.


  1. I'm so glad the Obama/DNC campaigns are constantly screaming about this. What? They're not?

    Link problem?

  2. Wowee, thanks. Was about the PA voter suppression law, but fuck it, don't feel like regoggling it.