Monday, August 20, 2012

United 1, Chester 1

Didn't see it, obligations sucky, obligations fun instead, who the fuck schedules a game for five on a Sunday afternoon? Rinkydink League Soccer does, that's who. This guy was there. I am shocked to hear that Rinkydink League Soccer officiating sucks. I'll be at the game this and next Wednesday, see if the vibe is what I think, rinkydinkwise. That guy will be in Sucktucky this Wednesday so I may have an extra ticket or two. Or three. I'm looking at you:

I'll put the remaining two up for grabs once they're officially mine. You'll hear good stories, all the ones I can't tell here but are preoccupying both my time and my mind. Your linkages return later today and/or tomorrow or not, whole bunch in yesterday's post below. Hey! when I went to find Hamster's avatar I couldn't find it in my disorganized files so I just searched Hamster in this shitty blog's engine up top left and the first post it appeared in also contained the song below. Heh. It's dedicated to obligations sucky.