Friday, September 14, 2012

A Myth Is an Expression, Unable to Surrender


Arkadii Dragomoschenko

Translated by Lyn Hejinian and Elena Balashova

Deceitful honesty and an honest lie - which
                                              should be given preference?
This sentence is a consequence
                             which you have not yet written,
corroborating the representation of time,
                                                               forestalling reality.
Pine forest solstice. The sea gull's insupportable stance
                                                         within the wing's boundaries.
The whole does not exceed the part, requiring a division
                                                                                              of spaces.

A myth is an expression, unable to surrender.
Transparency, asserting affinity, is more awful
                                                               than disintegration.
The birds turn yellow fiercely - the light has pressed
                                                                  their Archimedes flesh
displacing the equilibrium of resistance and force,
                                                      just like ice and water.
A warmblooded diamond, where the cell's instructions gathered,
the axes of bones, of magnetic fields: a ball of spirals,
                                                                the web of a nomad camp.
Steam from the mouth
                                           in September
and a tense procession of blue.

The cosmos of the plant is submitted to the hollow chain
of a handwriting that knows it better than the hand.
Is it sap cooling on the cut bark of a tree,
Is is apathy in the restoration of qualities
                                          to their things.... But the center
of life flows from everywhere
                          like a downpour of maple seeds
                                                                        of a pedestrian
in a mathematical text. And so, one can hear,
                                                       "You have your consolation,
a consequence and transformation of transformations
instead of a flying object musing on its own self-assessment."
As for lovers:

we will extend the body divined in a form
that after examination permits us to invent its properties
                                                           - description,
condemning no one to the torments of authority.


  1. That Scott Horton link re: Rove, the DOJ, and Don Siegelman is excellent.

    The Obama DOJ should have investigate Rove for this, and exonerated Siegeman. Instead, they've gone after whistle-blowers, medical marijuana providers, and journalists.

    It's something beyond a disgrace.

  2. Dmitri!

    What's an investigation?

    In filmy fracas, if it smells like a rat, it's one of ours.

  3. Please note the solicitation for requests, Buddy. Or just put some at your place and I'll link.