Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gaveling the Courtroom to Order with a Four-Leaf Clover Is Over

I hear Mitt Romney lost the election yesterday with a release of a video of him saying 47% of Americans think they are victims, I'm never gonna get their vote, fuck'em. Romney is gonna lose because he's supposed to lose. Als0 to0: everybody in America - wait, fuck American exceptionalism - everybody in the world thinks they s/he's a victim. Motherfucking billionaires bitch like four year olds when they're called motherfucking billionaires. Hey, I bet there are 47% of Americans who agree with Mitt Romney in his hue (geddit?) and cry. But Romney's gonna lose because he's scheduled to lose; these fuck-ups aren't a bug, they're a feature. Jesusfuck, this isn't rocket science. Someone should tell Mitt.


Frederick Seidel

So the sun is shining blindingly but I can sort of see.
It's like looking at Mandela's moral beauty.
The dying leaves are sizzling on the trees
In a shirtsleeves summer breeze.

But daylight saving is over.
And gaveling the courtroom to order with a four-leaf clover
Is over. And it's altogether November.
And the Pellegrino bubbles rise to the surface and dismember.


  1. I don't hate the capcha. 24 hours isn't enough. And so there.

  2. Heh, I had just deleted offers for Russian porn and Malaysian silk scarves and an offer from Hyderabad to host this site before I shut off yesterday's comment thread.

    It's weird, the patterns - days without, then boom all at once. But maybe I'll set up some dumbass polldaddy thingee to ask about capcha, but since I hate it and my vote supercedes here in authoritarian Egoslavia....

  3. GET OVER HERE AND TALK TO BDR DAMN FAST because he can't wait 48 hours. And he's a despot, as well he ought be.

    My grandmother said "ought"