Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Am a Pretender to Dog Music

John Coltrane was born eighty-six years ago today. The ear is an organ made for love. anne (gave me - I think - an enormously Kind compliment) in comments asked me (a second time, I apologize, I missed the first time) if I knew of Agnes Martin, and no, I didn't, but thanks to anne I do now.


Paul Zimmer
Amongst dogs are listeners and singers.
My big dog sang with me so purely,
puckering her ruffled lips into an O,
beginning with small, swallowing sounds
like Coltrane musing, then rising to power
and resonance, gulping air to continue—
her passion and sense of flawless form—
singing not with me, but for the art of dogs.
We joined in many fine songs—"Stardust,"
"Naima," "The Trout," "My Rosary," "Perdido."
She was a great master and died young,
leaving me with unrelieved grief,
her talents known to only a few.

Now I have a small dog who does not sing,
but listens with discernment, requiring
skill and spirit in my falsetto voice.
I sing her name and words of love
andante, con brio, vivace, adagio.
Sometimes she is so moved she turns
to place a paw across her snout,
closes her eyes, sighing like a girl
I held and danced with years ago.

But I am a pretender to dog music.
The true strains rise only from
the rich, red chambers of a canine heart,
these melodies best when the moon is up,
listeners and singers together or
apart, beyond friendship and anger,
far from any human imposter—
ballads of long nights lifting
to starlight, songs of bones, turds,
conquests, hunts, smells, rankings,
things settled long before our birth.


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  3. anne, as for page loading, I agree, the bleg is loading slower lately after all the recent skeevy windows/flash/java updates so I just halved the number of posts on first page - hope that helps. As for overflow, it's how I process.

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