Saturday, September 22, 2012

Beloveds, Our World Is Small and Isolated

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DECEMBER 2, 2002

Juliana Spahr

As it happens every night, beloveds, while we turned in the night
sleeping uneasily the world went on without us.

We live in our own time zone and there are only a small million of
us in this time zone and the world as a result has a tendency to
begin and end without us.

While we turned sleeping uneasily at least ten were injured in a
bomb blast in Bombay and four killed in Palestine.

While we turned sleeping uneasily a warehouse of food aid was
destroyed, stocks on upbeat sales soared, Australia threatened first
strikes, there was heavy gunfire in the city of Man, the Belarus
ambassador to Japan went missing, a cruise ship caught fire, on yet
another cruise ship many got sick, and the pope made a statement
against xenophobia.

While we turned sleeping uneasily perhaps J Lo gave Ben a
prenuptial demand for sex four times a week.

While we turned sleeping uneasily Liam Gallagher brawled and
irate fans complained that "Popstars: The Rivals" was fixed.

While we turned sleeping uneasily the Supreme Court agreed to
hear the case of whether university admissions may favor racial

While we turned sleeping uneasily poachers caught sturgeon in the
reed-filled Caspian, which shelters boar and wolves, and some of
the residents on the space shuttle planned a return flight to the US.

Beloveds, our world is small and isolated.

We live our lives in six hundred square feet about a quarter mile
from the shore on land that is seven hundred square miles and five
thousand miles from the nearest land mass.

Despite our isolation, there is no escape from the news of how
many days are left in the Iraq inspections.

The news poll for today was should we invade Iraq now or should
we wait until the inspections are complete and we tried to laugh
together at this question but our laughter was uneasy and we just
decided to turn off the television that arrives to us from those
other time zones.

Beloveds, we do not know how to live our lives with any agency
outside of our bed.

It makes me angry that how we live in our bed—full of connected
loving and full of isolated sleep and dreaming also—has no
relevance to the rest of the world.

How can the power of our combination of intimacy and isolation
have so little power outside the space of our bed?

Beloveds, the shuttle is set to return home and out the window of
the shuttle one can see the earth.

"How massive the earth is; how minute the atmosphere," one of
the astronauts notes.

Beloveds, what do we do but keep breathing as best we can this
minute atmosphere?


  1. Monks robes for everyone!

    I hate the tribe. They can't hit, they can't pitch.

  2. Right-wing roots of Occupy?

    You know who else Occupied?

    (Other than that, Maureen appears to be trolling.)

  3. Well, to a small percent so am I - I've been seeing that meme this past week (and Karl Hess' name)and wanted to throw it out there for consideration and probable dismissal.

    Mostly, though, Karl Hess' name makes me think of Karl Hass - Hello, Everyone - and - blessedly - puts Beethoven's *Appassionata* in my head.

  4. It's not exactly a difficult exercise to trace Occupy and Tea Party in a giant circle. That the very exercise, let alone its success, offends both so gravely is just...I dunno...serendipity?

    Also: I've never bothered to say this, but that is really a terrible fucking song, which is probably entirely the point anyway. Sorry. Love anyway.

  5. Sure, one group was formed with millions of dollars from the Kochs, and had an inaugural kickoff when a CNBC dickhead complained that HAMP would prevent people from being kicked out of their homes*.

    The other has been beaten to death by big city mayors with Department of Homeland Security assistance.


    * HAMP was designed by President Hope and Change's Treasury Secretary to "foam the runway" for the banksters.

  6. ' dog , with cats and his reading list , thanks for the nick and other hairy men moment , i'll need to come back later today to have a look at those occupy links , now back to my own lists,of reading and other .. . ( you never answered my query about agnes martin and your other page )

  7. anne, my apologies if I missed your question. To be honest, I hadn't looked at any Agnes Martin until a few minutes ago, but luckily I have access to a university library's stacks and will soon check more out. Thanks.

  8. Gee, sorry I didn't think to come back yesterday, Thunder.

    And y'know, I almost cited the astroturfing difference, but the comment was getting long and boring. At least to me, it was. And it wasn't what I was talking about, as I'm pretty sure you knew. You are of course correct that the astroturfing is a substantive organizational difference.

  9. It takes a seriously stupid mind to say that, because some right-wing wanker spoke of the 1%, which happens to look something like the "We are the 99%" slogan (aka, one of the weakest aspects of Occupy), that that makes the former something like "roots" of the latter. Just so fucking stupid. Stupid.