Saturday, September 29, 2012

It Is the Great Arguments We Are Proud of, Over a Nibbled Peach, Hair in the Comb, a Faulty Lube Job


D. Nurkse

It is the great arguments
we are proud of, over a nibbled peach,
hair in the comb, a faulty lube job;
the reconciliations were always naked
in borrowed rooms, sometimes in Queens
or Staten Island, we touched each other
shyly—we reminded each other
of loneliness and funk and beautiful pigeons
with oil-slick necks, cooing bitterly—
but there we lost each other
in forgiveness; keeping score,
being wounded even in triumph,
walking home down leafy avenues
etched with the faint double line
of extinct trolleys, caressing
carved hearts under a sheen of sap
with a ragged nail, sleeping alone,
choosing the dream of betrayal,
entering by the wide door
and waking dead—there
we were superb. In Brooklyn
we held our own.

Bonus Fugazi! for a fuck-it post on a deadblog Saturday. Going hiking.


  1. Can I steal that header gif? Cuz I'm stealing that header gif.

    OT, I regrettably missed the Swans show because we had tickets for a Peppy Sondheim Musical about killing American Presidents.

  2. Fugazi totally changed my musical trajectory and got me into punk rock. I love that band.