Friday, September 28, 2012

Headline Status Crumpled and Exploding

  • My mother-in-laws memorial service was nice though religion creeps me out, I understand why people do it with God or without. Like me. Elsewhere, life is whack. Monologues will resume sooner or later or they won't. Links today, tomorrow maybe, or not. Songs and poems will appear regardless.
  • A crucible of political disenchantment
  • A definition of capitalism.
  • A reason for civil libertarians to vote for Obama?
  • The joke of Democratic accountability.
  • A letter to her liberal allies. We are facing a radical right that has abandoned all interest in truth and fact. We face not only their specific policies, but a kind of cultural decay that comes from not valuing truth, not trying to understand the complexities and nuances of our situation, and not making empathy a force with which to act. I agree, motherfucking Republicans be motherfuckingly crackerbaitier and christerbaitier and pigbaitier than ever before, so why are Democrats still only .06% less-shitty? Why is the shitty-equilibrium pegged to motherfucking Republican shittiness? Shouldn't Democrats be more than .06% less-shittier than motherfucking crackers if in fact motherfucking Republicans are significantly shittier now than four, eight, twelve, years ago? Who are the more evil motherfuckers here?
  • Fuckers both, though I'd hit tbogg with a shovel first. And second, third, fourth....
  • Yup.
  • Yup. And visa versa, of course, tribe-wise.
  • And it bears repeating - one of the crucial motives behind expanding the police state and the surveillance state and eliminating your civil liberties is for the day Corporate no longer wants, needs, or grants you votes much less cares what you think about those issues you claim those of us bitching about the police and surveillance state selfishly ignore.
  • >>Deleted bleggalgazing<<
  • Defiling the profit.
  • Sideshow's links.
  • Schuyler, O'Hara.
  • Woke up with this in my head:


Josephine Miles

A poem I keep forgetting to write
Is about the stars,
How I see them in their order
Even without the chair and bear and the sisters,
In their astronomic presence of great space,
And how beyond and behind my eyes they are moving,
Exploding to spirals under extremest pressure.
Having not mathematics, my head
Burst with anguish of not understanding.

The poem I forget to write is bursting fragments
Of a tortured victim, far from me
In his galaxy of minds bent upon him,
In the oblivion of his headline status
Crumpled and exploding as incomparable
As a star, yet present in its light.
I forget to write.


  1. Can I get a whack in on Tbogg too? He didn't make a free Mumia joke this time anyway. Always great to joke about someone who might be executed for a crime.

  2. As an oft-times statistician I'd like to see how you measure that .06.

  3. BE PRAGMATIC seems to be the new CLAP LOUDER though I'll admit it doesn't roll off the tongue as well, though you *are* forgetting just how frightening receiving righteous indignation from the other side of the aisle can be.