Friday, September 21, 2012

Outside In, Oh, Inside Out, and Why Did Everybody Shout?

Rebroadcast for four reasons:

  1. Death itself doesn't creep me out but holyfuck, those people and businesses and institutions that thrive and profit and, more than that, define themselves by and delight in death - the ghouls in the burial business, the ghouls in the religion business - these fuckers fucking creep me out almost as much as the necessity of their existence. Humans. Yesterday, the only room at the funeral parlor where I could have a private phone conversation with Planet was the funeral parlor's showroom of products, many of which at the same time the ghouls were trying to sell to Earthgirl. Then met with the priest. Who the fuck is this "God" he keeps talking to? For those of you coming to the service, the church will be offering the flesh and blood of a dead 2000 year old whack but charismatic if schizophrenic dead Jew with messiah complex for your dining pleasure.
  2. Fuck blooger.
  3. Haven't read anything - hey! did you know Washington DC has a professional soccer team? It's true, they won a road game last night in Chester, I didn't see it! - so links whenever, ok?
  4. Earthgirl laughs at the end of the video.


Jane Kenyon

The surgeon with his unapologetic
blade parted darkness, revealing
day. Then from her large clay
he drew towards his masked
face my small clay. The clatter,
the white light, the vast freedom
were terrible. Outside in, oh, inside
out, and why did everybody shout?


  1. Sorry for your loss.

    I hear you on the religion/funeral ghouls. When my Dad died a few years ago, we didn't have a separate wake. He didn't want one, so we sort of combined the wake/funeral into one service at the church. It was a Catholic Church, so of course they tried dictating how things were going to go. My mom wanted an open casket, and they tried telling her no, that protocol is reserved for Bishops, etc.. .HA! You can send the Bishop down here to close the casket himself, and I'll be right behind him to open it back up again. My mom got what she wanted. They tried telling my brother his eulogy could only be 3 minutes long...ha! You want to wrestle the microphone away from him if goes on "too long" Father Motherfucker? You just sit down and shut up and we'll let you know when we are done.

  2. Sorry to hear about the loss and then that whole process of suck that comes thereafter. As if it isn't hard enough already!

    Randal and I and others were in attendance for the funeral of a coworker a few years back and the service was so generically religious (insert name and occupation of dead guy into eulogy) and even more absurd since the guy didn't believe in anything anyway and would probably have been rolling his eyes like the rest of us had he been there.