Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Science Is the Same as Poetry Only It Uses the Wrong Words

I must: the universal angst across all normally divided swaths of Americans over the horror and threat to the American way of life that scab referees in the National Helmetball League represent delights me. Listening to Chicago School-trained business professors who advocate crushing teachers unions on motherfucking Hayekian principles of assholic greed bark furiously that "32 rich fucks put personal profit above the integrity of The League just to destroy the union," makes me giggle. Not to worry, I'm sure these pigs will be back on message soon.


Robert Kelly

Science explains nothing
but holds all together as
many things as it can count

science is a basket
not a religion he said
a cat as big as a cat

the moon the size of the moon
science is the same as poetry
only it uses the wrong words.


  1. science is the same as poetry
    All my publications are dirty limericks.

  2. Even with the worstest reffing in the history of North American team sports throwing a cosmic order of chaos into the proceedings, the Browns still suck.

    I know Real's off to a subpar start, but yikes.

  3. bryan doesn't look like willard