Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Pay Five Cents for a Daily Synopsis of Current History, Two Bits and the Late Lowdown on Hollywood, Twist a Dial for Stardust or Shostakovich, and with Each Bleacher Stub I reserve the Right to Shout “Kill the Bum” at the Umpire—

Dmitri Shostakovich was born 106 years ago today. Have I mentioned I love his music? Today's pieces via requests from three friends, THANKS! I've been asked to tell stories of Blegsylvanian history, NO THANKS! I hear that NFL owners are willing to ruin the integrity of the game to save pennies against billions of dollars of profit to squash a union. Heh, integrity of the game. You're funny. Fine metaph.... o, fuck it.

  • How do you take your poison?
  • The rack of inequality.
  • Bleggalgazing.
  • 25 random things.
  • OK, Blegsylvanian history: Stringtown's been dying for years. The King of Anarchists (who is a good guy, has been Kind to me and this blog, and understands the irony of the gig) in our stringtown hasn't posted in months, hastening the dying by millimeters. His resurrection if it occurs will set off hosannahs, and some not on his blegrells will compete in his comments for his attention to be Vice-King of Anarchists (though not all who comment there are necessarily competing). 
  • The half-life of ephemera.
  • Re: Dylan and Nobel - I apologize to me for letting those two words in the same sentence yoink me though the yoinking felt good. I don't hate Bob Dylan's music, it just bores me, that's on me. Dylan is Hemingway/Ashbery-like, one can agree and disagree of the merit of the original but hate the influence each cast, the many motherfuckingly awful decades of imitators their influence spawned.
  • Stay hungry.
  • Quartets 11, 12, 13.


Frank Marshall Davis

I would be
A painter with words
Creating sharp portraits
On the wide canvas of your mind   
Images of those things
Shaped through my eyes
That interest me;
But being a Tenth American   
In this democracy
I sometimes sketch a miniature   
Though I contract for a mural.

Of course
You understand this democracy;
One man as good as another,
From log cabin to White House,
Poor boy to corporation president,   
Hoover and Browder with one vote each,   
A free country,
Complete equality—
And the rich get tax refunds,
The poor get relief checks.

As for myself
I pay five cents for a daily synopsis of current history,
Two bits and the late lowdown on Hollywood,
Twist a dial for Stardust or Shostakovich,
And with each bleacher stub I reserve the right to shout “kill the bum” at the umpire—
Wherefore am I different
From nine other Americans?

But listen, you
Don’t worry about me
I rate!
I’m Convert 4711 at Beulah Baptist Church,   
I’m Social Security No. 337-16-3458 in Washington,
Thank you Mister God and Mister Roosevelt!
And another thing:—
No matter what happens
I too can always call in a policeman!


  1. dylan sucks. which is why he'll win the nobel prize.

  2. The string quartets are a world unto themselves. They are a monumental achievement in the genre and in 20th Century music. They hold a special, special place in my life.

  3. The Shostakovich is the perfect antidote to Stay Hungry, which made me want to be young again.

  4. ' dog with cats .. . , who is this anarchist that you mention , i'd like to look back and see some of this anarchy.. of writing about the living of a life of .. ,does this person still have some writing on line to have a look at ? , said a nne

  5. If it's who I think it is, he's not an anarchist, he's a communist pretending to be an anarchist, which labelling does not diminish the power of his splatter.

  6. I'm not saying he ran for King of Anarchists, I'm saying he enjoyed his time thus crowned, as he should.

  7. do you play .. something of string ?

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