Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Know You Don't Have to You Can Just Say No

An excellent list of Big Star's ten best songs, with sound. Their number two is my number one, but quibble aside, joy that it's now in my head again.


  1. was in need of some early child hood memories .. thanks , i don't know this band , but the sounds ,songs are of the time .. of the early seventies

  2. Glad you like - Alex Chilton's birthday on December 28 is a High Holy Day here. If you search either Big Star or Alex Chilton in search box up top you can pull out more onblog, if you'd like me to burn you a couple of CDs send me your address to my email.

  3. i started to go look and see who they are/were on a wiki , but my belly (of born with (of not with )) won't let me sit up in a reading stiller way right now , so i'm just looking at the ringo art site at old toys and teetering , with those early 70s feelings flowing , we had a lot of funky hand made wooden toys when i was a kid , / it was odd coming in and seeing that star with the word biG in it before ,as i had just come from wondering about something of a star and rubber biGs ,of a couple of comments that i had made over on prunella's a few days ago ,go look and you'll see what i mean , of star , and biG wondering , .. . maybe , said odd girl