Saturday, October 13, 2012

Four Pints Will Be Found to Weigh One Hundred Pounds

Of course we talked about obamapocalypse at Thursday Night Pints. We talked about Obama as candidate and the disaster of the debate, his, it seems to me, over-confidence in the strategy that motherfucking crackers will scare the fuck out of just enough people that Obama doesn't need to do the kabuki he disdains, the motherfucking crackering alone will take care of everything. Hey, said L, you've been betting four pints to one on that from the day Obama was elected. And I still do, I said, though I don't stand to lose my job as Corporate's consigliere and lose all those excellent perks - getting to cut to the front of every line, the free airplane rides, the power to order anyone killed anywhere anytime I want. I said, I'd at least have shown up awake and alert for the first debate, let Romney swing wildly for twenty minutes, then at least jab the motherfucker to a push. Discussion ensued over why Obama sucks or sucks deliberately and who he's sucking deliberately for, K wondering if Corporate has put a rush on its austerity plans. You reading this now think I'm the conspiratorialist, I say, here, just now, to you. None of us think Obama is going to lose - my four pints to one bet stands - though it was odd - is odd - to consider the possibility, enter that variable into my formulas of apostasy.

  • Bazooka Joe.
  • General bleggalgazing: it's always struck me as counter-intuitive, but the stranger the news - in this case this whack POTUS - the quieter Blegsylvania, or at least the Stringtown I live in, gets. 
  • This is sitting on my desk at work, snagged off a new book cart. Only been able to glance at, so far, but it's a beautiful object.
  • Rating Yo La Tengo albums. Cascade next weekend - trip out to Bamgier will be Yo La Tengo-athon at Earthgirl's request.


Keith Waldrop

Four pints will be found to weigh
one hundred pounds. Crushed in iron
mortars, it keeps its
color - but it
spoiled by rays of the sun or the moon.

Immense elephants, rushing
furiously down, as
wonderful to the carefree observer as
anything in nature.

The results in a color even
more delightful than ordinary black.

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  1. Why should I care?

    Because a vote for Romney is just like a vote for Obama: It's a vote against Jill Stein.