Friday, October 12, 2012

"Is It Lasting?" and in Asking the Sphere Becomes a Line


Jane Siberry is fifty-seven today. Her music is inextricably woven into my memories of my first years with Earthgirl, the concerts, listening to cassettes in Deale. Yes, there was a Thursday Night Pints, I'll tell you about it tomorrow perhaps, it was nice, lively, one could hear Biden snorting even with the volume of the TVs above the bar on mute. Have a few links, a poem, and two symphonies of Ralph Vaughan Williams who was born one hundred forty years ago today, the Fifth, written before World War Two, the Sixth, written after. Sorry about the commenting asses, worth suffering through briefly for the music.


Gerald Stern

Too late now to look for houses
to give readings, to flirt, to eat blueberries,
to dance the polka - or just be in the
Serbian-American club in Duquesne
near that horrible McKeesport, near
that horrible Kennywood Park, and take
a sip, a bite, and half fall off my
stool, and grab her and whirl for fifteen
straight, or just to feel her breasts
against me and to loosen my tie,
my short and flowered tie, or just to
drive home slowly, sometimes even
on the streetcar tracks themselves.
that 68 trolley I loved so much, the
love seats and the rattling glass windows.


  1. Egads, isn't this stupid electo-thing over *yet*?

    Engage with the public? Writers are fucking weird.

  2. Greenwald common-tater:


    12 October 2012 2:52PM

    No questions about the millions of Americans who live in poverty and what to do about it.

    No questions about 40 years of the failed "war on drugs".

    No questions about the massive incarceration rates in the U.S.

    No questions about the massive surveillance state.

    No questions about workers rights or unions.

    No questions about the inhumane and illegal drone strikes that the U.S. perpetrates in sovereign countries around the world .

    No questions about Obama's war on whistle-blowers.

    What we did get was leading questions about who would make the Iranian people suffer more (You could just see the glee on Biden's face as he talked about just how bad our sanctions were ruining the lives of Iranian citizens). "The best way" to cut social security and medicare benefits. Taxes, taxes taxes (no real reform, only who would make millionaires pay slightly more). The best way to continue to destabilize the middle east and to make sure our standing in that part of the world is continually reduced (Syria) This debate was almost entirely about austerity and which administration would sink lower to make ordinary people (of the world, not just the U.S.) suffer the most.


  3. Best line of Thursday Night Pints from L: Romney doesn't care about the 47% that would never vote for Romney, Obama doesn't care about the 53% who might vote for Obama.

  4. Geez I go to hell and back to avoid Greenwald's smug vacuous self-serving attention-whoring posts. I'm going to pour bleach in my eyes now.

  5. Glenn Greenwald: Worse than 4 Hitlers, 5 Stalins, and a couple of Pol Pots.

    Nothing stings so much as the truth, right?

  6. Once upon a time, Poets were nominated for Nobel Peace Prizes. The European Union can start bombing Pakistan once the check is cashed.