Sunday, October 21, 2012

Zanesville to Bamgier to Mt Vernon to Johnsville to New Albany to Easton to New Albany to Johnsville to Mt Vernon to Bamgier to Mt Vernon to Centerburg to Delaware to Centerburg to Mt Vernon to Bamgier to Zanesville, or: United 3, Columbus 2

Drove to near Columbus to buy Planet heavy leather boots so her shoes don't catch on fire when she's welding her cow, drove back to Bamgier so she could spend three hours welding her cow. Then explored, drove to Delaware, saw Ohio Wesleyan University, home of the Fighting Bishops, then had dinner at Bun's, best seafood - in the geographical center of Ohio, I live in Maryland - I've had in recent memory. Then

HEY! I get another home game! UNITED 3, COLUMBUS 2! This guy was texting me and Planet as we were first driving Planet back to Bamgier from Delaware after dinner and then me after Earthgirl and I abandoned Planet in Bamgier and we were driving brokenhearted back to Zanesville.

  • 77:00 Benny is inept. Still 2 subs left. Cries out for Salihi for Pajoy.
  • 78:00 Nice cross to Pontius. All quiet on bench
  • 81:00 Looks like Branko. Better not be for DeLeon
  • 82:00 Nope, Salihi for Pajoy. Good. Branko for Kitchen should be next. But it'll be DeLeon or Saragosa, both of whom are rocking tonight.
  • 83:00 Poor cross by Neal. Lots of that tonight.
  • 85:00 This dickwhistle has allowed open season on Pontius. Branko coming on.
  • 86:00 This reeks of losing in stoppage.
  • 87:00 Uh-oh, Branko for Pontius. Pontius wasn't limping at least. Branko seems to be up top.
  • 88:00 FC Yellow. Tchani for some douche. FCY pretending to play for draw.
  • 89:00 DeLeon misses.
  • 90:00 FCY playing keepaway, 3 stoppage.
  • Fulltime 3-2

Links and poems and songs return tomorrow along with shitty monologue which will include Sunday morning in the Zanesville Ohio Holiday Inn Express breakfast lounge with Mr Pompadour and a room full of deer hunters with Fox News on the TV. Or not. Probably not, actually, enough said already. Here's the view from Room 323 (not Room 222) from my hotel room window of the Zanesville skyline.


  1. Oh, you get a home game, my pretty. Let's hope for a couple of things:

    -Not on Hallowe'en;
    -Not a wild-card game (same as not on Hallowe'en, actually, just a different dimension of the same); and
    -They let us use one of the two fucking games we bought that they never gave us.

    It's always a pleasure to make your daughter say "fucktard."

  2. First two home playoff games Special Games 2 & 3. We'll only have to buy tickets for MLS Cup final should team out of West have fewer points. Be fun beating Gax here. Oops.