Friday, November 16, 2012

They Had Rigged a Swing and Were Playing as Though They Were Happy, as If They Did Not Know Any Better

Tamaryn's great. Here's a live set. Hey! Planet gets home tonight, the three of us see Magnetic Fields tomorrow night, I'm going to throw plastic at metal in the daylight Saturday, I'm going to throw plastic at metal Sunday early then meet loved ones for a United playoff game @ RFK @ four, tell you what, music and poems and photos but maybe - maybe - no links and no aargh and no bleggalgazing after today until Monday, maybe Tuesday when we'll be squarely in the slowest week of the year in Blegsylvania anyway. I wasn't going to post another of these, but since a friend offered Kind words:


  • I've read some Levi Bryant (recommended by Frances), but my mind doesn't subject object object subject object subject subject object very well, I get some of Bryant's gist then go dumb.
  • In defense of photography.
  • I was bitching to a blogfriend about blooger's comment functionality, specifically not being able to edit my comments for typos, and Disqus was recommended to me. Disqus?
  • Christ, the new blooger interface sucks. Really sucks.
  • MOCO builds anti-BRT roads as it plans for BRT
  • Boonsboro!
  • St Benny of Olsen: "Listen, we had two days off in between two playoff games. It’s ridiculous….I have no problem if we have the same as the team we’re playing against, but if they have an extra day….And don’t get me wrong, [Houston has] had a lot of games too, they’re banged up and they’ve had some injuries. But I think the league does need to rethink the playoff format. Because everybody wants to see Chris Pontius, everybody wants to see the big guys on the field, especially during the playoffs. Those are the guys that got us here. They take their time throughout the season, slow cook the season,and then the playoffs seems like this big rush. I think they need to reevaluate it." Hey, someone else said that.
  • A conversation about stories.
  • What's that? There's a new Yo La Tengo album coming in January? What, wanna see a video of a new Yo La Tengo song?


Jack Gilbert

I was carrying supplies back up the mountain
when I heard it, the laughter of children
so strange in that starkness.
Pushed past the brush and scrub willow
and saw a ruined farmhouse and girls
in ragged clothes. They had rigged a swing
and were playing as though they were happy,
as if they did not know any better.
Having no way to measure, I thought,
remembering the man in Virginia who found
a ruined octagonal mansion
and repaired it perfectly. For months
he walked through the grand empty rooms
wondering what they were like.
Until he found a broken chair in the attic
and re-created the colors and scale. Discovered
maybe the kind of life the house was.
Strangers leave us poems to tell of those
they loved, how the heart broke, to whisper
of the religion upstairs in the dark,
sometimes in the parlor amid blazing sunlight,
and under trees with rain coming down
in August on the bare, unaccustomed bodies.


  1. I used Disqus when I briefly had a tumblr a few years ago. No problems with it, but it was a little annoying to have to log into a separate service. - Mr. A

  2. What GGW (along with a lot of other duckhugging assholes in this county) needs to get is that BRT doesn't fucking replace cars.

    This County Council really severely pisses me off. Yeah, I know whose fault that is.

  3. BRT is completely bogus. By they time they could agree on it and build what needs to be built we'll all have teleporters. The Council wants to be cool and trendy more than they want to be competent. And they're neither.