Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bamgier to Howard to Mt Vernon to St Louisville to Newark to St Louisville to Mt Vernon to Loudonville to Wooster to Shreve to Nashville to Danville to Millwood to Howard to Bamgier

Holyfuck, no one looks at these but the three of us and a few of you. (A friend emailed yesterday, suggested I not assume everyone knows what these back-and-forths to Ohio are, that some readers - most readers - read this blog episodically, not serially, so: Earthgirl and I are visiting our daughter Planet, she's a sophomore at a small and relatively prestigious credentialing factory in the middle of Ohio: I've never denied my complicity in perpetuating empire. Earthgirl, in service of her art, hoping to capture images she will paint, photographs all the long drives of the trip. She lets me download and make slideshows out of them which I post here.) We were on our way to the Hungarian bakery in Wooster when the rental car's front right end began wobbling throbbingly once speedometer hit 45. Pulled over, called the nearest Hertz, down in Newark, 35 miles the opposite way we were heading, doubled-back on 36 through Mt Vernon then south down 13, past St Louisville's one policeman parked as always half a block south of the sudden, not warned 35 mph speed trap, then seven miles farther south on 13 to Newark's 21st Street (Newark's Rockville Pike) and picked up a replacement rental. Back the other way, north up 13 (the same cop same place in St Louisville) through Mt Vernon to 3 then north twenty miles Loudonville then twenty miles more to Wooster for omelet rolls and poppy seed cake in the downtown Wooster's Tulapan Hungarian Bakery. After lunch Planet and I hung out in a used book store while Earthgirl spent money we don't have on wool she doesn't need in a favorite wool shop around the corner from the bakery. It's tradition. Took a far more scenic route back to Bamgier, 3 to 226 to 514 to 62 to 36, through Shreve and Nashville and Danville and Millwood, you can see it during the latter half of the slideshow you're not watching (so you'll not see Planet or see cool stuff in her art building). Here's today's poem, a line not taken for this post's title because Egoslavian edicts dictate what this post be titled. Here's the good news that after long absences two blogbuds, Jim and Tee Vee, both posted yesterday. Here's Warhol's 99, my avatar demands it be posted. Here's a song from yesterday's trip's soundtrack, one of dozens of my ten favorites songs (and most posted songs here) ever.



  2. The views are registered strangely from the embed. Sometimes mine register, sometimes not.

    Before yinz made the drive - with the ref to beating the snow - I's reminded of a trip my dad, my three sibs and I went on to West Bygod (Dad's family).

    He knew the roads (then, all of them 'the old roads') in and around the monstrous mountains. I imagine now the only thing less visible in the blizzardly weather than the road ahead was our white '69 Ford Falcon.

    That car handled like a boat and my dad handled the drive like there was no snow at all - and no cliffs at the edge.

  3. This set was much more beautiful and interesting, bdr. Thank Earth Girl for me. I am surprised she was able to capture Planet. I also liked the window shots near the end. It sure looked like there were a lot of interesting places to get out and do some walking. Someday, I am sure. Remember, 18 minutes is a long time to sit in the InnerTube age. I just streamed stuff from while watching and it went together beautifully.

    I am sure the Delgados video is a favorite, on some wee level, because you know you would CRUSH THEM AT POOL.

  4. davidly's comment here is strangely arousing ..