Monday, January 28, 2013

Gagging to Spit Them Out

Robert Wyatt is sixty-eight today. Thanks to Bleeding Edge (Pynchon allusion) for the above, Greyhoos for the last link in this paragraph and the video below. No slideshow of yesterday's Bamgier to Zanesville to Wheeling to Washington to Morgantown to Cumberland to Hancock to Hagerstown to Frederick to Kensington. After we abandoned Planet in Ohio in the morning Earthgirl took out her camera, sighed, put it away, sketched or knit the rest of the way, her call, I'm happy. Thought about the email re: episodic v serial blogging starting roughly from Martinsburg Ohio to the first pissstop in Cabela West Virginia (the first West Virginia west to east, the second West Virginia east to west). I'm pleased to find (and old-timers will be pleased too) that while I've lots to write about, I'm not going to write about it here - or at least not yet - and I promise not to explain another gag (five embedded in this post, including two in this sentence) until the next time. Reminder: Villagers. The placebo effect of law.  The Handmaiden of Capitalism versus The Swamp Denizen of Detroit. Bashing the walrusSrsly? David Harvey, anarchism, tightly-couple systems. Federici interviewFracking. Wait, I thought frat boys were, in the majority, conservatives. Blogging as performance. Fumigation tentsFire St Benny! Laugh at Juve! For my Western Pennsylvanian buds: Pittsburgh 1956International Pynchon Week. I confess I've never got Seamus Heaney, I assume the fault is mine. Lip-synching the poetry of empireBowie and re-writing one's past. Nilsson cascade. Quartets ahoyDondestan.


Dana Levin

Six monarch butterfly cocoons
          clinging to the back of your throat -

          you could feel their gold wings trembling

You were alarmed. You felt infested.
In the downstairs bathroom of the family home,
          gagging to spit them out -
                    and a voice saying Don't, don't -


  1. Thank you. Worked perfectly following the Villagers' party celebrating themselves.