Monday, January 7, 2013

Keeping the Aberrant Periphery Worked Clear So the Central Current May Shift or Slow or Rouse Adjusting to the Necessary Dynamic

Here's more Radulescu as I promised. Didn't have chance to web-read yesterday - this is the busiest week of work of my year, what time I had to read I spent with Proust trying to get ahead of schedule. Here's another list of what novels are forthcoming in 2013: besides the Gass in March and the recently announced Pynchon some time this fall, there's a new Hemon (whose work I love), a new Vollmann (whose work I love), a new Coetzee (whose work I don't love, feel I should, will try to force myself to love and fail again - though I'll finish the novel), a new Stephen Dixon (whose work I don't love, feel I should...), a new Joseph McElroy (whose work I don't love, feel I should... and a new English translation of another Krasznahorkai (who I'm in negotiations with), all of which to say I hope to spend more time in books than online in 2013. I'm an aargh-addict and attention-slut, don't worry, there will be links, though just these today: on A.R. Ammons, whose Garbage I'm rereading constantly, and a St Louis Post Dispatch article on friend Frances' adventures in rural Missouri - background and more at her place. Re: Proust - it's working.


GARBAGE (Section 3)

A.R. Ammons


  1. So proud to be a small part of this post and to report that the Missouri Historical Association just requested all copies of our humble paper for their archives!