Tuesday, January 8, 2013

With Each Epithet Create New Reasons to Believe or Doubt You

Forgive me, I love that song. Bowie is sixty-six today. All other songs via buds, thank you very much. It's probably apocryphal, but I once read Bowie said, at accusations he stole ideas, it's not who does it first, it's who does is second. I've a friend who wonders if the sting of those accusations made Bowie make the choices of his late career. Anyway, Bowie was on my daily soundtrack during the formative years of my lifetime's soundtrack. I want to give 1990 - present another listen. I'm hopeful there are songs I'll feel stupid for missing when they were released years ago.

Meditations on Obama's second term. Rewarding torturers. Drone godfather. Obama's Cheney. I overheard two int'l affairs/govt professors talking yesterday, one said, so the fight over Hagel is to distract from Brennan's nomination, the other said, no, the Hagel nomination is solely a fuck you to Bibi. What Obama's nominations mean. The deadly serious partState of fear. Image of the enemy. Imagination bodies forth. It's the political economy, stupid. Crisis theory and the current conjectureShill. Najar to Netherlands. Meillassoux, for those of you who do. Lisa Robertson. 95th Street. Szymborska. Szymborska. One playlist from Cleveland, another playlist from Cleveland. Mining the audio motherlode. I didn't know of Seu Jorge, a friend requests his cover of Space Oddity. Holyfuck, find a bunch here. Thank you, anne. Absolute beginners. Bowie on Dick Cavett Show. What, a new Bowie song? Um, ugh. Quick, below, sorry, video cuts out, great song:


Mark Jarman

Dear God, Our Heavenly Father, Gracious Lord
Mother Love and Maker, Light Divine,
Atomic Fingertip, Cosmic Design,
First Letter of the Alphabet, Last Word,
Mutual Satisfaction, Cash Award,
Auditor Who Approves Our Bottom Line,
Examiner Who Says That We Are Fine,
Oasis That All Sands Are Running Toward.

I can say almost anything about you,
O Big Idea, and with each epithet,
Create new reasons to believe or doubt you,
Black Hole, White Hole, Presidential Jet.
But what's the anything I must leave out? You
Solve nothing but the problems that I set.


  1. One of my friends refuses to stock Bowie in his store because he claims that Bowie helped break up the Stooges, for some reason my dad can't stand the dude but I think it's the lack of general heaviness.

    While this may or may not have some truth, I like "I'm Afraid of Americans" for obvious reasons (and also because the video makes me laugh) and have a soft spot for Ziggy Stardust and Hunky Dory. This means I'm probably not a Real Fan.

    Also, the Solid Gold Soul AM station in Buffalo plays 'Fame' in between Curtis Mayfield, Kurtis Blow, and Milli Vanilli. It might be my favorite AM station ever.

  2. Hagel is a two-fer: pisses off Jennifer Rubin (etc.), and is not even a Democrat (f.u., hippies!)

  3. If the new guy really wants to torture, he should have prisoners read philosophy books.

  4. ball'ck dog, your mind is am (a) io z in g , anne touched , you win the lovely lovely ego award of from those off this rail wal k that i've been on from io z/jacob's

  5. hey is this justin trudeau ?

    - The Easybeats - Friday On My Mind (Fren…

  6. You don't like the new song? I like the new song.

    Damn, didn't realize the Voyeur video cut out. Love that song, though, thanks for it! Outside is every bit as good as anything he did in the 70s.